I’m midsize and I did a realistic summer Zara haul – one outfit left me looking like a character from the Wizard of Oz | The Sun

A MIDSIZE fashion fan has shared a realistic Zara haul and it's clear sometimes there's just no winning with online shopping. 

Despite the failed haul Raquel left her to try on feeling positive because of how well some of the clothes fit her curves. 

Starting off with a grey Zara two piece set the fashion fan was pleased with the hourglass figure it gave her. 

Raquel said: “Okay, I'm very into this. Um, part of me is like, yeah, my stomach is just there, but the other part of me is like, it's actually a cute vibe.”

Zara are selling the knit set for £39.98 online. Still she couldn't quite decide if she liked it.

She said: “It's giving tin man, but it's also giving, like, a boss b*tch.”

The fashion fan next tried on a Zara pleated skirt.

She said: “I fully thought I ordered the matching top to this skirt because I thought it would be cute, but I obviously didn't. Why do I like this skirt?"

The white tank top however Raquel was not a fan of because it highlighted one key body part. 

She said: “This tank top probably wouldn't wear it because it's a lot of stomach, but it's so cute.”

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Raquel also tried on a pair of loose silk black trousers and decided they looked great providing she didn’t move too much. 

“I love a silk pant, and they're, like, the perfect length. They, like, instantly show my underwear, so, I don't know.”

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The pink linen set Raquel tried on showed a little bit too much but she said her butt did look great.  

She said: “I look like a nurse. A nurse with a bad, bad outfit. No. Oh, my God. My butt looks good in these, though.”

“Okay. Impressed that this actually fits me, because normally these pants at Zara would never fit me,” she said.

The green pants suit was definitely a step up but there was still one problem. 

Raquel said: “It's cute, it's just. I don't know if it's me, you know? The top is so tight. Look at my arms.”

“I can't. I can't really move. But, like, these pants are actually cute. They're just a bit tight on the thighs, and if I bend down, then, oh, there's my underwear. So. No,” she said: 

Raquel's Zara haul racked up 16,000 views online. 

One user said: “The white top is everything.”

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