I'm mortified after opening my neighbours mail by mistake – I then made even worse with my apology note | The Sun

A MORTIFIED man has shared how he’s found himself in an awkward situation with his neighbour after stealing and opening their mail. 

Christian Hull explained that he opened it up before realising it wasn’t his own mail and then set about returning it with a note apologising.

Taking to his TikTok account, the man declared: “I’ve done the worst thing imaginable…” 

He then recounted the story as he explained: “So, I order a lot of things from Amazon. I went down to collect my Amazon order – there was a bunch of boxes. [sic]

“I brought them back into my house.” 

Christian, known as @christianmhull on social media, then put the boxes into a corner with the intention of coming back to them. 


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After a few days, he opened the packages. 

“I was like, ‘I didn’t order this,’ and then I realised that this was not my order and so I panicked, sticky taped everything back together and I wrote a note,” he continued. 

“And I put it in – I just grabbed an envelope from my drawer, because I sell things online – and I put a bit of cash in it as like, ‘Sorry, I’ve gone through your mail. Illegal… Here’s a bribe,’ and dropped it off at my neighbour’s front door.” 

Christian admitted that he doesn’t know his neighbour’s name as he lives in an apartment complex. 

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He went on: “I forgot that inside the envelope that I put the note and the cash in is the cards  that I put in when people buy something from me online.” [sic] 

“And they say ‘f**k off’,” he laughed. “I’ve basically accidentally told the neighbours… And I put my name and my unit number on the note. Damn it!

“I’ve basically said, ‘Here’s your mail, f**k off,’ accidentally. What do I do?”

Viewers found the video hilarious and flocked to the comments section to share their suggestions on his next course of action. 

“I’d go say Omg I’m so sorry and explain. Hilarious 99.9% of people would think so,” [sic] one person shared. 

Another said; “Omg lmao I’d laugh so much if this happened to me. Just tell  them the truth, it’s too funny not to”. 

A third suggested he “show them this video” as way to explain what happened, while a fourth joked: “Best just move house,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

And a fifth said: “Run in circles screaming!” 

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