I’m obsessed with surgery and jetted to Turkey for a BBL, fox eye threads & new teeth – it hasn't always gone well | The Sun

A WOMAN obsessed with jetting to Turkey for surgery has revealed the surgeries worth getting and the ones not bothering with.

Laura Ivanova, from Latvia, has jetted to Turkey for a multitude of surgeries that she's documented on her TikTok account (@lauraivanovaaa).

The blonde beauty, got her first surgery done at just 18 years old.

As of now, the young woman has flown out to get Turkey teeth, a BBL, liposuction, a tummy tuck, two boob jobs, a nose job and fox eye threads.

But not all of her surgeries have gone the way she wanted, as she revealed her BBL and fox eye threads made no difference.

In one video, the young woman revealed that it took two months to heal from her fox eye surgery, but failed to see any difference.


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In another, Laura warned that a BBL may not be worth the money.

She said: "It's not a good idea to get a BBL if you're more on the thinner side or had to gain a lot of weight before your operation.

Laura revealed for the first six months after the surgery her BBL was looking great, but it all went downhill.

But when she started to lose weight again, her BBL went with it.

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"I was like 'OMG why did I go through all that pain for?" she revealed.

The plastic surgery fan revealed you have to get your BBL topped up all the time.

In another video, Laura was trolled for turning her teeth into 'piano keys' after she replaced her gnashers with crowns.

She said: "I didn't shave off all my natural teeth in Turkey to not participate in this trend."

Trolls were quick to share their thoughts on her teeth in the comments section – with some saying they look like piano tiles.

One wrote: "piano tiles."

A second person commented: "It’s giving Ross from that one friends' episode…"

A third penned: "I got a sun tan from this video."

Despite some of the nasty comments, Laura revealed that she will continue talking about plastic surgery and other procedures.

She wrote in one video: "I open up about the surgeries I've had so girls don't compare themselves to an unrealistic beauty standard.

"I post & try and help girls who have questions about it…

"Just gets hate for having surgery."

Many people took to the comments to praise Laura for sharing her journey.

One wrote: "We love an honest queen."

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Another commented: "The fact that you are honest rather than the celebs people look up to you can hate for it? Yikes. You’re a queen, and you are absolutely beautiful."

"I love your choice to be open about this, what people do with it ain’t your problem," added a third.

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