I'm obsessed with surgery & travelled to Turkey for fox eye threads – it was horrendous, don’t bother wasting your money | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she is obsessed with surgery and has now opened up on her recent fox eye thread procedure. 

Laura Ivanova, from Latvia, jetted to Turkey for a multitude of surgeries.

The blonde beauty, got her first surgery done at just 18 years old and as of now, the young woman has flown out to get Turkey teeth, a BBL, liposuction, a tummy tuck, two boob jobs, a nose job and fox eye threads.

But not all of her surgeries have gone the way she wanted, as she revealed her fox eye threads made no difference.

Fox eye surgery, also known as cat-eye surgery, or a canthoplasty, is a type of plastic surgery that lifts and repositions the corner of the eye. 

It can correct drooping lower eyelids or reshape eyes that are more round than almond-shaped.

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The op is raved about by many celebs, including Danielle Lloyd.

In one clip, posted on TikTok, the young woman revealed that it took two months to heal from her fox eye surgery, but she failed to see any difference.

Laura shared her video with the caption ‘The way I wanted it to work’, as she shared a variety of pictures following her surgery.

She noted: “This is your sign to not waste money on fox eye surgery.”

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In the clip, we first saw Laura lying in a hospital bed, with her face covered in bandages. 

She then shared a variety of images days and weeks after the surgery.

But then, Laura shared a picture of her face without the bandages, two months after the surgery, as claimed: “Two months later, no difference.” 

Laura’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it quickly went viral and has since amassed a whopping 6.7million views.

It has 626.4k likes, 3,887 comments and 1,028.

However, social media users were left stunned that Laura would even have such a surgery done and many said that they didn’t need her advice not to have it done. 

One person said: “Why did u even think it was a good idea.” 

Another added: “What were u thinking.” 

A third commented: “Don't worry, I have common sense thanks.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “I don't think people in the right mind need a sign.” 

Despite some of the nasty comments, Laura revealed that she will continue talking about plastic surgery and other procedures.

She wrote in one video: "I open up about the surgeries I've had so girls don't compare themselves to an unrealistic beauty standard.

"I post & try and help girls who have questions about it…

"Just gets hate for having surgery."

Many people took to the comments to praise Laura for sharing her journey.

One wrote: "We love an honest queen."

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A second commented: "The fact that you are honest rather than the celebs people look up to you can hate for it? Yikes. You’re a queen, and you are absolutely beautiful."

Whilst a third added: "I love your choice to be open about this, what people do with it ain’t your problem.” 

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