I’m plus size and will wear whatever I want – I don’t care what trolls say, I know I can slay any outfit | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back a trolls who say there are some things she can't wear because of her size.

Kelsie, who posts as @Kelsies_world96 online, slammed haters and proved once and for all that the most important thing is feeling confident in your skins.

The plus size influencer recently shared a video of herself wearing an electric blue outfit, featuring leggings and a crop top.

The stunner posted the clip in a bid to inspire others to wear whatever they want to, even if other people have something to say about it.

"Stretch marks I see, back fat I see, big belly and thighs I see and I still looks amazing and so can you," she captioned the video.

But when one person commented on the video saying that she doesn't have to wear whatever she wants, "at least in public," she hit back.


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"You and no one else on this planet can sit there and say to me what I can and can't wear.

"I don't care how big I am. I will wear what I want to wear," Kelsie said.

The curvy fashion fan added that people need to open their minds and see "the big picture in life."

Kelsie often shares clips about the realities of being a plus size woman and always manages to see the funny side of things.

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In a separate video she even joked about how she reacts to haters who call her fat.

"I flop my belly out running at them shouting 'belly gonna get ya', she laughed.

Luckily, the reaction to Kelsie's videos has been mostly positive and people have praised her for being so authentic.

One said: "Keep that crown upright hun, you are amazing and beautiful."

A second agreed: "Yes!! I wish I had your confidence."

"It's always the 'fat' comment because they've got nothing else to say," someone else commented."

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