I’m plus-size – I still show off my ‘jiggly bits’ in a bikini, men say I’m ‘absolutely beautiful’ | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE model is urging women like her to love their wobbly bits.

There’s nothing to ashamed of, says TikToker Tate (@tatumblinn).

The model and social influencer from Southern California uses her platform to spread her message of self-love and body acceptance.

Her message is certainly reaching a lot of people with nearly 82,000 followers and another 932,000 likes.

“Spreading body positivity,” is her mission she states.

Tate is unapologetically plus-size and demonstrates this in her latest post at Newport Beach.

Flicking her long blonde hair, she poses to the camera wearing a hot pink bikini.

She oozes confidence and is totally confident with her shape and size.

This is one plus-size woman who will not be hiding her body away behind voluminous clothes.

“Take your lil jiggly self to the beach in a bikini,” she captions her video.

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Fans loved her defiant body positivity and the superlatives rolled in.

"Wow, absolutely beautiful," was the breathless response of one follower.

Just a one-word comment from another: “Gorgeous.”

“I would love to see you at the beach in your bikini gorgeous goddess," was the view of this viewer.

Some were besotted: “I love you.”

Chiming in at the end, some commonsense appraisal: “Size is judged by the eyes of the beholder and you are beautiful and sexy.”

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