I'm the world's biggest scrooge – I steal my loved ones' belongings and give them back to them as Christmas gifts

MOST of us will be looking at spending hundreds on Christmas presents this December.

But one self-confessed cheapskate has revealed how she never spends a penny when shopping for gifts.

Sarah loves the festive season but hates spending money, and has found a controversial way to keep costs to an all time low.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskate, Sarah says: “Christmas means everything to me, not only is it great to receive gifts, I love giving gifts.

“Throughout the year I take things from my family and they think it’s missing and then on Christmas I give it back to them as a gift.”

But Sarah doesn’t want to only re-purpose old gifts, she also wants to buy her family something new, to them.

The frugal woman pays a visit to her local dump every year where she picks out second-hand gifts that had been thrown away.

“The spirit of Christmas is giving and you don’t need new presents to feel that,” Sarah says.

“It’s amazing to me how people can throw good items out that are still usable.”

While at the dump Sarah picks out an old alarm clock as well as a used foot massager, taking them home to wrap them in, you guessed it, free gift wrap.

Sarah says: “Every year I load up a garbage bag with all the wrapping paper that we use and I save it for the next year – I spend nothing on my wrapping paper.”

In fact Sarah manages to spend a grand total of just £15 on her entire Christmas Day.

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