I’m the world’s hottest scientist – I risk my life diving with deadly bull sharks in the pitch-black sea and I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN dubbed "the world's hottest scientist" loves to risk it all and dive at night with aggressive bull sharks.

Rosie Moore, 26, is a master freediver, scientist and model taking Instagram by storm with her love for being close to the terrifying beasts.

The south Florida-based wildlife expert loves sharing pictures of a life spent cosying up to all kinds of freaky creatures, including poisonous toads, sharks of all sizes and recently a 18ft python that swallowed a 5ft alligator.

Her latest dangerous decision is what Rosie describes casually as: "Night diving ft. bull sharks". The expert diver shares with her followers the experience of swimming with the monsters through the dark waters as she reminds viewers to "not attempt to do this alone".

The fearless 26-year-old said: "With the reduced vision for us, the divers, due to the darkness of night, and the increased curiosity and boldness from the bull sharks, I would definitely say diving cage free with bulls at night carries heightened risks."

The risks don't seem to faze the geoscientist who winks at the camera before getting stuck in and letting bull sharks bump up next to her.

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"In my experience, bull sharks are typically shy during day dives," she adds.

"When diving on a good/decent visibility day, bulls typically give you your space and rarely require redirection. At night, this was not the case."

Despite the danger, her fans loved watching it. One user wrote: "I feel like you would be one of the coolest dive guides."

"Swimming at night with Bull sharks?? OMG, I'm dead," said another.

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A third joked: "Well, youll be the prettiest person to ever get turned into shark s***….Brave AF but Rosie, but i bet old Rosie would tell young Rosie she might have been able to skip that adventure and still have a life with few regrets lol."

The geoscientist also has a passion for freediving in caves at night, yet her videos come with a serious warning of the dangers.

"Freediving is considered an extreme sport and is only safe when practiced correctly. Freediving in caves introduces many potentially deadly risk factors," she writes.

Rosie's instagram is a treasure trove of scary animals and oceanic beasts scattered among pictures of her lounging in palm trees and swimming in clear waters.

She's also working her Instagram magic to inspire other women who take a fancy in marine biology. "We love a woman in STEM," she says.

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