I’ve been mopping my floors wrong for years without realising it – here’s the huge mistake I made | The Sun

MOPPING your floors might seem pretty easy to do, but one woman was stunned when she realised she'd been doing it wrong for years.

Posting on Instagram, the cleaning whizz admitted she has been making the common mistake without even realising it.

"I thought I was mopping my floors all this time. I was WRONG," she said.

According to the cleaning whizz, there's a right direction to mop in if you have wooden floors.

"Friendly reminder: With wood floors you're supposed to go with the grain not against it," she captioned the clip.

Despite mopping regularly, because she's been doing it the wrong way the floor was still filthy.


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She showed all the dirt and grime that came off the flooring when she finally did it with the grain, and the water was almost black.

After sharing the tip, other cleaning fans were shocked to discover they'd been making the same mistake.

One said: "I just go in any direction, I'll try this way and see if it makes a difference."

A second agreed: "I've never heard of that before but makes sense."

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But others thought it was unnecessary to only mop in one direction.

"I don't think it makes a difference, plus that's a lot of water on real wood floors," one said.

Another wrote: "Just do it weekly and never wear shoes in the house. Problem solved."

Meanwhile, others were more shocked by the fact the cleaning whizz poured the dirty water down her bathtub, rather than the toilet.

"You're going to have to disinfect your tub now," one quipped.

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