Karens tell me to dress and act my age – their opinion doesn't mean a thing to me, I didn't ask for their approval | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE influencer has clapped back at Karens who tell her to dress her age.

The country girl said that the opinions of strangers, especially judgemental strangers, don't mean a thing to her.

Shawna (@simpley_me113) shared the outfit video with over 60,000 TikTok followers.

The brunette shared comments that she had received from angry Karens about her outfits.

"Don't you think you should dress and act different for your age?" said one.

Shawna danced and drank beer in a red dress as she responded to the comment.

"Your opinion doesn't mean a damn thing… kiss my a**," she retorted with a smirk on her face.

Quite a few of her viewers rushed to the comments to cheer her on for taking on her critics.

"I think you look good in anything," encouraged one commenter.

"That's right, you go girl!" said another.

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"You look just fine to me," said a third.

Other women, however, were confused by the Karens' demands.

"So how are we supposed to act?" joked one woman.

"We've never been this age before," she added.

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