Lana Condor's Favorite Mood-Boosting Beauty Essentials

Lana’s Beauty Philosophy

The actress (best known for her roles in the To All the Boys I Loved Before hit movie franchise) vows to prioritize self-care in her beauty routine this year. “I just want to feel good. Feel as glowy as my skin looks,” the Neutrogena ambassador tells PEOPLE. 

She became inspired to be “more gentle” with herself after watching the new Disney film, Soul. “I want to live life to the absolute best and be so happy with every moment, no matter the circumstances,” Condor says. “I want my insides to glow just like my outside.”

Read on for the products she uses to achieve just that. 

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Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub

“I have a really dry scalp and dandruff. It’s an insecurity of mine. When I’m flaking I really need to exfoliate and renew my scalp. This new product feels gentle but is still really effective. I do it twice a week and it’s helped a lot.”

Buy It! Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub, $8.74;

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5 YINA All Seasons Beauty Balm

“It’s formulated with these really cool Chinese herbs that are for healing on the lips.”

Buy It! 5 YINA All Seasons Beauty Balm, $28;

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Cuticle Oil

“I use cuticle oil every time I do my makeup — any brand works. I have extensions on my nails right now, but it’s helped the overall health of my nails.”

Buy It! OPI Manicure Nail & Cuticle Oil, $9.95;

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Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Serum

“My mom has just always been so strict about you must wear your sunscreen. It was just ingrained in me. She gave me these thick, disgusting sunscreens that smelled bad. Now they have come a long way. This is so thin. You don’t even feel it on your face and there’s no weird white cast.”

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Resina de Breu Stone

“I got this Brazilian stone from the spa Remedy Place in L.A. You light it and it catches on fire and then it kind of melts like lava. Then you blow it out inhale the essence of this mineral. Now I do it every morning and night. It’s so centering.”

Buy It! Resina de Breu Stone, $150;

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Ice Roller

“I bring this with me everywhere. It helps me wake up in the morning. It’s a very rude awakening because it’s cold! I get really puffy when I wake up, so it helps.”

Buy It! Fronnor Ice Roller, $8.99;

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 

“I started using this moisturizer years ago and have been loyal ever since. It’s the one thing I pack no matter what. I stand so firmly behind it.”

Buy It! Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, $24.99;

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Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

“Whenever I do Zoom meetings or anything, I always turn on my diffuser with lavender essential oil. I love it.”

Buy It! Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $99.29;

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