Lil Nas X And Jean Paul Gaultier Team Up For A Special Collaboration

If you’ve found yourself on Twitter lately or matter fact any social media platform, then you have most likely experienced memes of Lil Nas X flooding your timeline. Nas is pioneering a powerful narrative for queer artists in the music industry, along with proving that he’s a marketing genius each time new music rolls out. The 22-year old superstar continues his reign by securing a collaboration with the French fashion label Jean Paul Gaultier.

Day to day, Lil Nas X is making a fashion statement on a red carpet or showing the industry that he will never tone down his authenticity for the sake of what they’re used to. His name lives in the press, whether it’s solicited or not – something that all fashion brands desire.

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As Jean Paul Gaultier continues to embark on their rebranding journey in effort to connect with fashion’s new generation of cool kids, it made perfect sense for them to partner with the Gen-Z icon. Through the collaboration, JPG has reinvented one of their most famous items that fashion lovers search the depths of vintage shops and Depop for. Together, they present a semi-transparent top printed with playful biblical-inspired imagery, celebrating the rapper’s debut album, Montero

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The limited edition piece is available for pre-order now and deliveries are expected to start in October.

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