Love Island star raves about Bobbi Brown Face Base dupe that costs £39 less than original | The Sun

A LOVE ISLAND star has found a perfect dupe for one of her favourite beauty products and it's loads cheaper than the real deal.

Sharon Gaffka explained on TikTok she usually applies the Bobbi Brown Vitimin Enriched Face Base before doing her make-up, but now she's switching to it's bargain dupe.

The Revolution Super Base Vitamin Primer only costs £10, so it's a great bargain option if you want to same look for less.

"I actually think I might like that it's a bit thicker than the Bobbi Brown one," Sharon said in the clip.

The primer is designed to prepare your face for any make-up look and contains loads of great ingredients like  Vitamin B, C, and E, shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

You don't have to wear make-up to try the dupe out though – it can also be used as part of your normal skincare routine.


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The primer even made Sharon's skin look healthy and glowy before she applied the rest of her look.

After applying the Super Base primer, the beauty fan did her make-up as usual to see if it really lived up to the hype.

"I does feel really nice on the skin, really hydrating," she raved.

But to really but it to the test, she checked back in at the end of the day to see how her make-up held up.

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Amazingly, her glam make-up looked pretty flawless hours later, leaving the reality star impressed.

"It's still looking pretty fresh," she raved.

Despite a few expected creases under her eyes Sharon's skin looked just as good as it did when she first applied it.

Other beauty fans were impressed by the dupe as well and couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

One commented: "Ugh! Need."

Sharon agreed and said: "I think I might make the switch."

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