Meghan Markle latest news – Harry hindered after being stripped of military titles & latest on Meg's bullying probe

PRINCE Harry has told of his despair at not being able to help the family of a fallen soldier – after he was stripped of his military titles.

The Sunday People revealed he has now written to the family of Nathan Hunt who are fighting to get their son's name on the national Armed Forces Memorial after he took his own life in 2018.

Harry told his parents Maria and Derek: "I deeply empathise with what your family is going through and so wish I could assist formally, had I been in the same role I once was."

Meanwhile, the probe into Meghan Markle's bullying allegations has only interviewed a "handful of people who used to work for her", insiders claim.

Earlier this year, the Duchess of Sussex was accused of “humiliating” personal assistants and staff, as well as driving two out of the Palace, which she denies. 

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    Call yourself a man of the people Prince Harry?

    This is a comment piece by Ulrika Jonsson

    OH dear, Harry. It might be increasingly cold, lonely and alienating sitting up there, aloft your moral high horse.

    As you trot through fields of gold and enlightenment leading you to the promised land of endorsements and brand representation, pausing occasionally to look down on us mere mortals and share with us crumbs of your privileged wisdom.

    But you must still feel cock-a-hoop. What a grand life you must have.

    But your latest words of advice have fallen well short of someone who hoped to be a man of the people.

    Advising people stuck in jobs that don’t bring them joy to quit is not just careless and foolhardy but yet another sign of how utterly disconnected you are from reality.

    My disappointment is palpable. Of all the royals, you always showed glimmers of humility and vulnerability. And your acceptance of a fluctuating mental health endeared you to me.

    However, hearing from an Eton-educated, elitist and advantaged man, speaking from his £11million mansion in California, that “leaving work should be celebrated”, is unforgivably irresponsible.

    Harry, you’re so out of touch. You are so detached and muddled that it would be funny if it wasn’t so worrying.

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    BBC documentary leaves many unhappy

    THE BBC had 925 complaints over its documentary about Princes William and Harry’s relationship with the media.

    The first episode of the two-part Princes and the Press — which aired last month — received 776 complaints alone.

    Objections related to alleged bias against the royal family.

    Following the documentary by journalist Amol Rajan, 38, a carol service led by the Duchess of Cambridge was moved from the BBC to ITV

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    Thomas says ‘The British system has let me down’

    Last week, the Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that the publisher of The Mail on Sunday breached Meghan’s privacy by reproducing a letter she wrote to her dad after marrying Harry in 2018.

    Thomas told The Sun: “I got really upset at the judgment because that means I still can’t tell my story and defend myself. I thought there would be a fair trial but now it’s not going to trial. It’s ridiculous. The British system has let me down.

    “Unless it’s stamped ‘private’ on top of the letter, how can it be private? It doesn’t make sense to me. If that’s British law I don’t know how anyone can get by.” 

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    'He's a candyass'

    Thomas also took aim at Harry, 37, for quitting as a frontline royal.

    He said: Harry walked away from his responsibilities and that’s ridiculous. He walked away from his grandmother, the royals and the British people.

    “He’s a candyass. I’d take him on at my age any time. He’d run away from me.” 

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    Thomas Markle blasts Harry and Meghan

    Meghan’s dad has blasted her claims she grew up on salads at a budget restaurant.

    Thomas Markle, 77, also called Harry a candyass, a timid or cowardly person, for quitting the UK.

    Meghan tried to highlight her humble roots to push for paid parental leave by saying in a letter to US politicians in October she “grew up on the $4.99 salad bar” at Sizzler family restaurants.

    But Thomas, speaking from his home in Rosarito, Mexico, told The Sun: “She’s never, ever, ever had to worry about anything like that in her life.

    “We’d do the best restaurants in town and we’d do Sizzler because it was convenient. We never had to rub our pennies together and just have the salad bar.

    “She had the salad bar — but she had a meal as well.”

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    ‘Gunman who raided bank and bookmaker’s’ shot dead near Kensington Palace

    THIS is the tense moment a cop points a rifle at an alleged gunman's head after he reportedly raided a bookies and a bank.

    Cops scrambled to a street just minutes from William and Kate's home in Kensington, West London, yesterday afternoon where the man was shot dead.

    Officers were called to reports of a man with a firearm entering a bookmakers and a bank around Marloes Road in the capital yesterday.

    Loud bangs were heard earlier yesterday afternoon, just yards from Kensington Palace after police were said to have fired several shots at the gunman in the back of a vehicle.

    The force confirmed that despite emergency service's best efforts, the man could not be saved and died shortly after.

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    Newsnight interview is evidence of his "guilt" opposition claim

    Last week, Robert’s lawyers claimed that Andrew's disastrous Newsnight interview is evidence of his "guilt".

    The Duke of York sparked fury with a legal filing in October that branded Virginia a “money-hungry sex kitten” who was only suing him for “another pay day”.

    David Boies, Virginia's lawyer, then hit back in a court filing in New York opposing Andrew's motion to dismiss.

    He wrote: "During that interview, Prince Andrew said that he could not recall ever meeting Ms Giuffre, a denial so at odds with photographs and other evidence that it is itself indicative of guilt."

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    Queen could be spending million on Andrew's legal team

    It's understood the Queen is spending millions of pounds to privately fund Andrew's fight against allegations of sex abuse.

    Royal courtiers expect the legal bill to run into the millions.

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    Legal team ordered to 'cancel' Christmas

    Andrew's hearing looms on January 4, with sources claiming he has ordered his legal team to cancel their Christmas plans so they can focus on his sexual assault case.

    Andrew is said to have told the US team they must leave “no stone unturned” ahead of his hearing.

    Insiders say the Duke is “totally consumed” by the legal battle and has been staying up late in the night to talk constantly with lawyers in California.

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    Queen ‘left in the dark’ over Prince Andrew’s strategy

    THE Queen has reportedly been "left in the dark" over Prince Andrew's defence strategy on his sex assault claims – despite forking out for his legal fees.

    The Duke of York reportedly has had "little or no discussion" with senior royals including Prince Charles and Prince William over accusations against him.

    Sources told the Mirror Andrew has been "less than forthcoming" about how he plans to fight allegations made by Virginia Giuffre.

    A palace insider said: "Everyone from the very top has been left in the dark."

    Andrew, 61, is battling a lawsuit filed by Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre which claims he sexually abused her three times in 2001 when she was 17.

    The royal strongly denies the offences.

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    Prince Harry recently distanced himself from a cash-for-honours scheme

    PRINCE Harry was accused of making his father look foolish as he tried to distance himself from a cash for honours scandal.

    The Duke of Sussex released a statement yesterday insisting he cut ties with a controversial Saudi billionaire at the centre of Prince Charles’ honours probe because of “concerns over his motives”.

    Harry, 37, reportedly took a £50,000 charity donation in 2013 from Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz — who hinted that he would give millions more.

    The relationship cleared the way for Mahfouz to meet his father, 73.

    The billionaire went on to donate more than £1.5million to Charles’ charities before controversially being made a CBE in 2016.

    The awarding of the honour is now the focus of a police investigation, which sparked the resignation of Charles’ top aide, Michael Fawcett.

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    Prince Charles faces fresh cash-for-honours accusations

    Charles was last night facing fresh accusations in the Saudi cash-for-honours scandal. 

    He hosted the CBE investiture for Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room, usually reserved for heads of state.

    Charles and Camilla were pictured there with the billionaire in 2016.

    Police will also probe emails from aides who arranged the CBE.

    Charles named a woodland on his Dumfries estate after Mahfouz who donated £1million. 

    Clarence House said he “has no knowledge of the alleged offer of honours on the basis of donation”.

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    Harry's loss of military titles

    He is thought to be devastated over the loss of his military titles and is said to have agreed to he and Meghan's bombshell Oprah interview hours after he was told he would have to give them up.

    A source previously revealed to The Sun: "There was a bust-up just before Oprah but it wasn’t to do with Archie’s title.

    “That had been known and discussed for quite a while.

    “Harry and Meghan were very cross before Oprah because the final Megxit separation had just been signed off which included Harry not keeping military roles.

    “That was what made him so angry. He’s very emotional and his military roles were very important to him given that he served.”

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    Harry writes emotional letter saying he ‘wishes he could help’ veterans

    Harry has told of his despair at not being able to help the family of a fallen soldier – after he was stripped of his military titles.

    The palace confirmed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would lose their patronages, with Harry being stripped of his honorary military titles as part of the couple's 2020 Megxit agreement.

    The Sunday People revealed he has now written to the family of Nathan Hunt who are fighting to get their son's name on the national Armed Forces Memorial after he took his own life in 2018.

    Although he was warrant officer when he died, defence bosses have said his name can't be added to the commemoration for fallen soldiers.

    Harry told his parents Maria and Derek: "I deeply empathise with what your family is going through and so wish I could assist formally, had I been in the same role I once was."

    The duke added: "Grief can be a long and burdensome road.

    “Please know you and your family remain in my thoughts.”

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    Queen’s Christmas speech

    It will be her first since the death of her beloved Prince Philip – who died in April at the age of 99.

    The speech is likely to reflect on her dear late husband, as well as the ongoing strength of the nation during the pandemic.

    She’ll be surrounded by her closest family in time for Christmas Eve, according to reports.

    Palace aides are also exploring options for the monarch to appear in public over the next two weeks to wish the country a happy Christmas, reports the Mail.

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    William & Kate’s Christmas card shows family in Jordan

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released their official Christmas card photograph showing their family in Jordan.

    William is pictured sitting on a gold pouffe next to wife Kate, with the couple resting a hand on the other’s knee.

    Prince George, eight, and Princess Charlotte, six, sit next to their parents, while three-year-old Prince Louis is sitting on what appears to be a sheepskin rug at his mother’s feet.

    Kensington Palace said the photograph was taken in Jordan earlier this year, but did not say what the nature of the trip was, when exactly it took place, or who was behind the camera.

    Last month, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall went on an official tour to Jordan and Egypt, where they celebrated the culture, heritage and achievements of the Middle East nations.In the photographer, the Cambridges and their children are smiling and look relaxed in casual outfits.

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    Andrew has always denied claims

    According to reports, Prince Andrew hosted Epstein’s entourage, including a model in her 20s.

    Also released were pictures showing Maxwell giving Epstein a creepy foot massage.

    Earlier this year the Prince was pictured at Balmoral as US lawyers were trying to serve sex abuse lawsuit papers on him.

    Prince Andrew has always denied the claims.

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    Queen used as example

    Yesterday Labour leader Keir Starmer criticised the Prime Minister for not abiding by the rules and used the Queen as an example of someone who did – even on one of the most difficult days of her life.

    “Her Majesty the Queen sat alone when she marked the passing of the man she’d been married to for 73 years,” he told the Commons.

    “Leadership, sacrifice – that’s what gives leaders the moral authority to lead.

    “Does the Prime Minister think he has the moral authority to lead and to ask the British people to stick to the rules?”

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    Andrew spotted looking anxious

    Andrew looks anxious as Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial continues.

    The Duke of York, 61, was horseriding near Windsor Castle yesterday.

    The US court has seen a pic of paedo Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell at the Queen’s Balmoral estate.

    The snap shows the pair lounging on a bench on the deck of a log cabin on the grounds of the royal home.

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    BBC miss out

    Kate’s Royal Christmas carol service has been developed and delivered in partnership with the Abbey and BBC Studios Events Productions.

    But it will be broadcast on ITV after a controversial documentary about Harry and William was aired.

    BBC Two’s The Princes And The Press, which was presented by Amol Rajan, was criticised by the royal households for giving credibility to “overblown and unfounded claims”, and prompted the broadcast of the service to be moved from the BBC to ITV.

    The two-part documentary included suggestions that negative stories about Harry and the Duchess of Sussex were leaked by courtiers and there was a competitiveness between households.

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    Queen's Christmas plans with royal family

    THE Queen is set to “have her family round for a Christmas gathering” and host a pre-festive season party, it’s been reported.

    Her Majesty, 95, may appear in public for the first time since early autumn as she enjoys Christmas by celebrating with her close family.

    According to the Daily Mail, Her Maj has been given the go-ahead by doctors to throw her annual private pre-festive season party.

    Extended family members will all be given an invite to the party – which hasn’t been held since 2019.

    It’s set to be held at Windsor Castle, not Buckingham Palace – where it’s been hosted for decades by the monarch.

    Read more here.

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    Meghan's Lawyer denied claims in BBC documentary

    Earlier this week, Meghan's lawyer hit back at the allegations in the second episode of the BBC’s controversial documentary The Princes And The Press.

    The programme focused on how Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Family, with The Sun’s explosive Megxit revelations featuring heavily. 

    The Times’ royal correspondent Valentine Low, who broke the story of bullying claims, told presenter Amol Rajan: “These people, I know, two and a half years later, when I’m writing this story — some of them were in tears.

    “They were still severely psychologically traumatised. So, something went badly wrong.”

    But Meghan’s lawyer Jenny Afia, of firm Schillings, replied: “There were massive inaccuracies in that story.”

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    'Bullying' probe claims

    The report further claimed Meghan "humiliated" at least one ex-staffer while another said the Duchess' behaviour felt “more like emotional cruelty and manipulation…"

    One royal aide, anticipating a row with the duchess, is alleged to have told a colleague: “I can’t stop shaking."

    Jason Knauf – Harry and Meghan's former communications assistant – reportedly submitted a complaint in 2018 to protect palace aides who were allegedly coming under pressure from the American former actress.

    Knauf is said to have emailed Simon Case after raising bullying concerns with Samantha Carruthers, the Palace's head of HR.

    Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the investigation.

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    Prince Charles visits his former university in Wales

    The Prince of Wales has visited Aberystwyth University, where he once was a student, to officially open the institute’s new Veterinary Education Centre.

    Charles, an alumni of the university located on the west coast of Wales, arrived just after midday on Friday to speak to the first cohort of veterinary students who began their studies in September this year.

    He also unveiled a plaque to mark the official opening of the school.

    Wearing a camel coloured coat and face mask from Turquoise Mountain, one of the charities he supports, Charles was greeted by the Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed, Sara Edwards, the University’s chancellor, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, and vice chancellor Professor Elizabeth Treasure, along with other local dignitaries.

    The centre on the Penglais campus has been opened jointly with the Royal Veterinary College as Wales’ first and only School of Veterinary Science, and funded by £500,000 in donations from alumni.

    Those who attend will spend the first two years at Aberystwyth University followed by three years at the Royal Veterinary College’s Hawkshead Campus in Hertfordshire.

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    "Running out of allies"

    PRINCE Harry is at risk of "running out of allies" if he continued to hurt the Royal Family with his public outbursts, an expert has said.

    Royal editor Russell Meyers said: "The Prince of Wales is caught between a rock and a hard place on how to deal with his son after so many recent and often hurtful outbursts towards the rest of his family.

    "For while Prince Charles, according to those close to him, still “loves and cares deeply” for Prince Harry, there is a certain unease at how frequently and with such ease he seems to wade into his family’s affairs.

    "The family he upped sticks and left behind, if you recall. The latest souring of relations between father and son seems to stem from Harry attempting to claim he raised “concerns” about a Saudi tycoon at the centre of a probe into sizable donations to Charles’s charity. This is at odds with Charles, or any of his closest advisors, who appear to have no knowledge of Harry ever mentioning anything of the sort.

    "The Harry that presents himself in public, or through his vastly expensive lawyers, is quite different from the one who still engages with his father. The danger is he will run out of a number of already dwindling allies in his own family if he doesn’t see the hurt he is causing to others who have maintained a dignified silence."

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