Moaning woman orgasms during ‘clitoral stimulation’ on BBC Women’s Hour stunning listeners

LISTENERS were shocked after tuning in to BBC Women’s Hour – and heard a woman moaning while receiving ‘clitoral stimulation’. 

This morning's programme had a few segments as usual, on Syria, bickering, taxidermy – and The Orgasm Cult.

As presenter Jane Garvey interviewed her guests, the background chatting enjoyed by many was replaced by a woman moaning in ecstasy, while getting her clitoris ‘stroked’. 

People were taken aback by the sudden departure from pleasant conversation which was replaced with the X-rated soundtrack – all before midday.

Sharing their shock on Twitter, one person posted: “Clitoral stroking on #WomansHour. Whatevs.”

Another asked: “Why do women need men to connect with their bodies and learn how to pleasure themselves? That should have been the first red flag. #womanshour.”

I think we've sunk to a new low, normalising the discussion of 'clitoral stroking' at 10am on mainstream radio

A third pointed out: “Radio 4's Woman's Hour has just broadcast a recording of a woman having an orgasm while someone stimulated her clitoris as part of an investigation into something called the orgasm cult. That's your licence fee paying for that.”

Someone else thought: “#Janegarvey going out with a bang and a whimper. Orgasms on #womanshour.”

This person commented: “@BBCWomansHour @BBC @BBCRadio4 I think we've sunk to a new low, normalising the discussion of 'clitoral stroking' at 10am on mainstream radio.”

Another asked: “Sorry, did someone on #WomansHour just say something about women having their clitoris stroked for fifteen minutes by men they didn't know? Or am I on @johnredwood 's psychedelic medication? @BBCWomansHour.”

While this person added: “Woman's Hour is on some different s**t this morning. #WomansHour.” 

Jane Garvey was speaking with reporter Nastaran Tavakoli-Far for a piece on The Orgasm Cult, a BBC podcast delving into the wellness company One Taste. 

Describing the Woman’s Hour slot, the website said: “A new BBC podcast, The Orgasm Cult, looks into a wellness company called One Taste and it’s co-founder, Nicole Daedone, who believed that orgasm would one day sit alongside yoga and meditation as the self-care practice for the modern empowered woman. 

“One Taste taught orgasmic meditation or Om-ing as it’s called by those in the know.”

The Orgasm Cult podcast is available on the BBC and looks at the company One Taste, which at one point had a host of celebrity followers. 

The website explains: “The FBI is making enquiries in to One Taste over allegations including sex trafficking, prostitution and violations of labour law. How did Orgasmic Meditation go from hippy beginnings to a sleek, million-dollar operation?

“How did this wellness practise – touted as the next big thing everywhere from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to the New York Times – lead to isolation, debt and abuse?

“The Orgasm Cult is a story about people desperate for connection and how far they would go to find it.”

And we delve inside the orgasm cult that sees Gwyneth Paltrow & Khloe Kardashian find inner peace through mindblowing climaxes.

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