Mrs Hinch helped me survive lockdown – I've spent hours scrubbing away my anxiety, I'd clean all day if I could

EVERY morning this mum joins millions of others in logging onto Mrs Hinch's Instagram account, desperate to see what cleaning hacks the internet sensation has shared overnight.

Emz Crawford, 38, from Liverpool, has revealed how ‘stumbling across’ Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page two years ago completely changed her life. 

The mum-of-one revealed she is an ‘official Hincher’ and thanks the social media star for helping her find a way to deal with her anxiety. 

She now spends her days writing Hinch lists, using her ‘Narnia’ cupboard and grabbing her cloth and spray to ‘Hinch’ her home to help her when she is feeling down. 

But she insists that being part of the Hinching community is much more than just cleaning. 

The self-confessed ‘official Hincher’ admitted she was at a low point in her life after losing a close family member two years ago and stumbled across Mrs Hinch on Instagram. 

She said she was instantly hooked after learning about Sophie Hinchliffe – also known as Mrs Hinch – and felt keen to try her methods after reading a post she had written about anxiety. 

Emma said: ‘I stumbled across a post where she wrote about how she used cleaning to help with her anxiety, so I thought why not give it ago, my oven was well overdue a clean!

‘See before I found Mrs Hinch, I cleaned, but I cleaned because I had too rather than because I wanted to. Until that day, when I saw the article and things changed. 

‘I realised that when I was cleaning I wasn’t thinking of anything else other than what I was cleaning, and seeing the finished clean gave me an incredible feeling of joy.

‘So that was it – I was hooked!’

Mrs Hinch is the glamorous Instagram star continuing to lead an extraordinary social media cleaning craze after declaring that housework can 'soothe your soul'.

But Sophie has also previously opened up about her battles with anxiety. 

Emma said her cleaning obsession soon started and before she knew it, she was off to the shops, desperate to pick up any items that Mrs Hinch recommended.

Now she even has her very own ‘Narnia cupboard’ under her kitchen sink, inspired by one of Mrs Hinch’s famous ideas.

Emma added: ‘Before I knew it I was off to the shops hunting down Mrs Hinch’s must haves and waiting online until Minky released new stock of their famous Minkeh’s.

‘Then I was emptying a kitchen cupboard to make room for a Narnia – if you know, you know! I was actually really lucky to get to go to meet Mrs Hinch in Liverpool at her book signing. 

‘I will tell you this – she is so nice, so down to earth and she genuinely appreciates us Hinchers  – that’s what we call ourselves in the community.’ 

The self-described ‘Hinching mad mama,’ who shares her love for Hinching with her growing Instagram following, said her idol really takes nothing for granted.

The mum, who has a four-year-old daughter, truly believes that Mrs Hinch wears her heart on her sleeve and fully appreciates everything that she has been offered.

She even added that meeting her in ‘real life’ made her love her even more.

Emma admitted that cleaning has truly changed her life and given her lifelong friends that otherwise she would have never met. 

She said: ‘If I could, I would clean all day, but as I can’t as I work full time and I’m a mummy, I clean as and when I can. 

‘I tend to get up a couple of hours before everyone else and have a morning clean, which I‘ve nicknamed my “morning motivation”. 

‘It puts me in a good mood ready to start the day. I also like to clean last thing at night – my favourite thing to clean is my kitchen, especially before bed. 

‘Nothing beats walking downstairs in the morning to a lovely, sparkling clean kitchen!’

Emma revealed that some of her favourite cleaning tips and tricks come from what she has learned watching Mrs Hinch’s page.

Fabulosa has been dubbed as a cheaper version of Mrs Hinch's favourite Zoflora spray, and Emma said it is one of her favourites. 

She said she regularly fills up a jar with concentrated Fabulosa and hot water before she goes to bed and she wakes up to the smell having filled the kitchen. 

Emma said: ‘Fabulosa is one of my favourite products – they come in so many different scents, and I have a cupboard especially for all their products in my kitchen!

I no longer clean because I have to, I clean because I want too!

‘I genuinely feel that cleaning has helped my anxiety. It helps me control it when I feel like I am overthinking things. 

‘I grab a cloth and my spray bottle and just go for a quick clean and wipe around the house. I no longer clean because I have to, I clean because I want too!

‘It has also introduced me to some amazing friends. Some of which I have been lucky to meet in person. 

‘We have group chats online, and there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t have a chat, banter or share the latest must-have product. It does go beyond just cleaning your home.’

Emma believes that being part of the Hinching community has even helped her through lockdown – she has had video calls and attended virtual parties with other Hinching fans.  

The mum-of-one insists that being part of the Mrs Hinch community is not just about cleaning and believes there is much more to it. 

She added: ‘When you are a Hincher, you are never ever alone. There is always someone there to chat too, and that’s what’s so special about this community.

‘People think because you love cleaning, your house must be immaculate, but they are so wrong. 

‘My house is a home! It’s filled with toys, shoes kicked off by the hubby and is filled with a lot of love. 

‘Does it smell nice, yes of course, I’m a Hincher and I have a cupboard full of Febreze air mists!’ 

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