Mrs Hinch reveals she's on antidepressants after the constant bullying from online trolls 'almost destroyed' her

SHE shot to social media fame with her influential cleaning obsession and likeable personality, but for Mrs Hinch, who has over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, becoming famous hasn't all been spik and span.

Sophie Hinchcliffe, 30, has revealed that she's now on antidepressants to help deal with the crippling anxiety she suffers as a result of the constant bullying from online trolls which she says "almost destroyed" her.

While the cleaning guru from Essex tries to remain as positive as possible online, she has been known to speak up from time to time about those who target her most.

In her recent bestselling memoir, This Is Me, Mrs, Sophie delves deeper into the shattering truth from behind the screen, and details the dark side of fame she'sexperienced.

In it, she writes: “These people have almost destroyed me and the fact that I am on medication for depression and anxiety for the first time in my life is largely down to what they have put me through.”

Sophie says she has been pushed to the limit by relentless internet bullies, who attack her looks and lifestyle, picking apart everything she posts – and some even take aim at her 17-month-old son Ronnie.

She details the daily deluge of abusive messages to her inbox and the sustained hate campaigns on trashing forums that exist “only to ridicule, torment and abuse”.

While it's something she experiences often, the effects of the trolling came to a head around last Christmas when a stream of abuse and body-shaming triggered a panic attack, which “felt like I was dying”.

The ordeal took days to recover from and she knew she had to speak to a doctor about the toll it was having on her mental health.

Her GP prescribed medication she says helps her “keep things on more of an even keel,” but she still frequently grapples with her anxiety from time to time – using cleaning as a way to cope.

Throughout it all, though, has been her husband Jaimie, who Sophie says is her "rock".

They met eight years ago while working at the same London-based recruitment company and married in August 2018.

Jamie, 42, gave up work last year as her influencing career took off.

She writes: “He’s a brilliant emotional support for me.

“He is my wingman in what has become an absolute machine and I need him now more than ever.” 

At the heart of the Mrs Hinch story is a normal woman, wife and mother who has been thrust into the limelight, which she still struggles to come to terms with.

There is a huge part of her that wishes she could go back to being plain old Sophie Hinchliffe.

“I’m literally the worst person for this Instagram thing to have happened to,” she jokes.

“If I’ve learned one thing through this whole experience, it’s to treasure the simple life and hold on to it as tight as you can.”

Last year she opened up about how cruel trolling "absolutely kills her" after Ronnie was targeted once again.

And Mrs Hinch took to Instagram in tears after trolls targeted Ronnie, with one labelling him "ugly as f***".

Plus the cleaning guru previously quit social media after "needing a break."

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