Mrs Hinch shows off baby bump & reveals she’s over half way through her pregnancy as tot is due ‘sooner than you think’

MRS Hinch has shown off her baby bump in new pics, as she revealed she's over half way through her pregnancy.

The cleanfluencer, 30, announced she was expecting her second child on Instagram on New Year's Day.

Doing a Q&A last night, she discussed more details on baby number two.

She and husband Jamie are already parents to Ronnie, who was born in June 2019.

Although she was hesitant to reveal her exact due date, Sophie Hinchliffe said: "I have less time to go than I have been pregnant now. So I'm further along than some may think".

Sophie said she is finding out the gender but will reveal that further down the line, "so it can be a lovely surprise for us all".

Mrs Hinch is transforming her and Jamie's old bedroom into her unborn baby's room, adding: "Bring on project nursery!"

And she has already picked two names, depending on whether it's a boy or a girl.

Sophie also posted clips of herself with a blossoming bump on Christmas Day, captioned: "Mummy, Daddy and your brothers are ready and waiting for you! Baby Hinch no.2."

The second brother she refers to is the family dog Henry, a cocker spaniel, who she calls her "furbaby".

Yesterday, Mrs Hinch was left ‘crying and shaking’ by the reaction to her pregnancy announcement and teased ‘I’ve got so much to show you all’.

Meanwhile, this mum-of-six in her 40s still wears crop tops and miniskirts. She says 'people tell me to cover up but I don’t care'.

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