Mrs Hinch’s secret spoon hack shows how filthy plug holes REALLY are – and people are disgusted by the results

SOMETIMES out of sight out of mind is the best approach to cleaning, but, unfortunately,that means some areas of the home end up being forgotten.

One such area is your kitchen plug hole as Mrs Hinch has shown, and cleaning fanatics are disgusted by the discovery after witnessing their own.

The cleaning sensation, 31, demonstrated how she rids her kitchen drain of disgusting odours which build up over time.

In an Instagram story, she put a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda over the plug holes before pouring white vinegar over the top.

This cleaning combo is a tried and tested method which easily gets the inside of your pipes clean.

But Mrs Hinch took it one step further with a spoon as her weapon of choice.

Posting to her 4m Instagram followers, Sophie Hinchliffe said: "So following on from yesterday's plug cleaning stories it's very clear that none of us like a smelly plug.

"But if bicarb and vinegar doesn't do the trick it may be worth checking deeper, let me show you this …"

The Essex cleanfluencer took a teaspoon and unscrewed the plug hole to release the plate.

Despite the surrounding area being spotless, the exposed area under the drain cover was pretty grimy which proves it often goes unnoticed.

To tackle the dirt, the pregnant Mrs Hinch used Cif and her SonicScrubber tool to remove the grime, which, surprisingly, came off easily.

"Not gonna lie… This is my idea of heaven," she said, before pouring some of her favourite Zoflora down the drain, and added: "The satisfaction is reeeeal."

It seems other cleaning fans feel the same way with many desperate to have a go at their own dirt-covered sinks.

But not without sharingcomparison shots of their now sparkling sinks which is blowing people's minds.

One woman posted in the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook group admitting she saw the hack on TikTok.

The Aussie cleaning fan used bicarb and vinegar to get her drain spotless admitting she used a butter knife, instead of a spoon, to remove the cap.

Alongside stark before and after snaps, she wrote: "After watching this on tiktok i thought id give it a try! How long has it been since you’ve actually cleaned your sink?

She explained: "Use a butter knife to open the bolt and find the filth underneath (it stinks as well). Once its opened pour bicarb soda over everything, then spray some white vinegar over it and let it bubble. Scrub with a brush and rinse with hot water…so much better now its clean!"

It wasn't long before others rushed to their sinks to see what theirs contained – and it's safe to say everyone was shocked.

"Holy sh*t! I cleaned our drains out after seeing it on here. They were absolutely disgusting!" another woman said in a seperate post sharing snaps of her drain before and after a deep clean.

While another shared a photo of her filthy drain and sarcastically wrote: "Thanks a lot guys…"

Others were both shocked an amazed to discover the commonly unknown hack, with one woman commenting: "So I'm scrolling facey with a cuppa, come across this post and now getting out of bed to clean my kitchen sink…..I should be relaxing on a day off."

"I did mine tonight. The smell was god awful but it was so satisfying afterwards," said another.

And a third admitted: "Omg mine was putrid! I've only been here a couple of years and it's not a very old house but it's obviously never been cleaned."

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