Mum creates incredible princess-style bedroom with a castle for her little girl using bargains from Amazon & eBay

A MUM used bargains from Amazon and eBay to turn her daughter’s room into a princess-themed den complete with a full size castle on the wall. 

Yvonne Brennnan set about transforming the ordinary bedroom into something straight out of a Disney film, using bargains from Amazon and eBay. 

The mum roped in her dad to help her create a full-sized castle on the wall, which she made using supplies from B&Q.

Yvonne told Fabulous Digital: “I just got mdf from b&q and measured it out and cut to size, and attached to the wall. Used wood to make it stand out. 

“My dad helped me cut and attach the castle to the wall and I did the rest.” 

Yvonne finished off the castle – which features crowns on the turrets – with colour-changing fairy lights to make it stand out at night. 

To complete the princess vibe she created a cosy nook on the floor using a voile from eBay, and set up a mini-dressing area using bargains from Ikea. 

Yvonne explained how she created the look, saying: “It's just the 8 cube kallax unit from Ikea used the drawer inserts, left the centre ones out and added a rail.” 

Yvonne added curtain fairy lights, which she got from Amazon, to finish off the pink bedroom. 

The crafty mum even went as far as to make the accessories for the room too, adding: "Got the flower panel from eBay, stapled it to wood and made the frame.”  

The whole project only took her a few days, with Yvonne saying: “We had it done within the week – the castle only took two days to complete. 

“Turned out better than I imagined, I absolutely love it fit for a princess.”

She shared her masterpiece to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where more than 1,500 people have "liked" her post. 

Yvonne said: “Done my little girls room absolutely love it.” 

Other mums are also in love with the look, with one person commenting: “It’s beautiful I want it for my bedroom.” 

Another wrote: “Definitely fit for a princess good effort, you've really set the bar high for all future bedrooms too.” 

A third said: “This has to be every young girl's dream bedroom.”

This mum clearly inspired, as she raved: "look at this castle such a cute idea!"

While this person added: “This is stunning what a gorgeous room,your daughter will love it.”

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