Mum hits back at trolls who slam her for feeding kids ‘unreal council carbonara’ but doesn’t care – the kids are chuffed | The Sun

A CARING mum shared how she makes her sons fast and fabulous ham pasta after school, but her step-by-step recipe has been torn apart by cruel trolls.

Lauren Rolls posted her cooking tutorial on her TikTok page, and 1.8million people have tuned in so far.

Lauren announces: “After school dinner for my boys,” while showing off a selection of ingredients. 

There’s a pot of dry pasta, some wafer thin ham, grated cheese, frozen mixed vegetables and a pack of garlic bread.

She empties a generous amount of pasta into one saucepan, and the vegetables into another.

Lauren puts the pans on the boil and cuts up a hearty handful of ham into strips. 

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After straining the pasta, she mixes in the cold ham and some grated cheese, then microwaves for a few minutes.

She spoons the cheesy pasta onto her little ones’ plates and adds a small portion of the carrots, peas and garlic bread on the side.

A whopping 7,000 people have commented on the video, and some people have been seriously harsh. 

“Council carbonara,” declared one rude user.

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“Do you not like them?” asked a second. 

“You know that one dish you remember as a kid and it traumatised you…this is the dish,” replied a third. 

“Bro, I wouldn’t come home,” claimed a fourth.

Despite the awful comments, Lauren won’t stop cooking her popular dish.

“Regardless, this is what they enjoy,” she retorted. “They absolutely love this ‘bland boring meal’ and that’s all that matters.

“I didn’t say I was a chef.”

In another video, Lauren shares what she eats on her ‘cheat day’ when she’s not following a calorie deficit diet. 

She enjoys a doughnut for breakfast, followed by a Lindt chocolate and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. 

She then has another doughnut and a platter of McDonald’s and KFC snacks including fries, chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. 

Lauren then cracks out yet more Lindt chocolate – this time an entire giant bar. 

And she ends the night with a takeaway from the fish and chip shop.

She zooms in on what looks like a battered sausage with a hearty portion of chips and a slathering of curry sauce.

“Now that’s a damn good cheat day,” exclaimed one inspired user. 

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