Mum makes ‘Covid Christmas tree’ by decorating it with 200 photos of friends & family and others are copying her ideas

AFTER a rough year most people are looking forward to Christmas, and one mum decided to make the holidays extra special by decorating her tree with family photos. 

Marissa Velarde gathered 200 snaps of her friends and family, and turned them into ornaments for her tree. 

The mum, from Australia, printed off polaroids of her family, which she strung around the tree and covered in fairy lights.

She shared her inspirational tree to Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Décor, where her heartwarming idea racked up thousands of likes. 

Marissa said: “Just wanted to share my 'family' Christmas tree with all of you. I think it's pretty cool. Hope you guys like it too."

She explained she usually decorates her house in October, and wanted to include her family in this year’s decorations due to covid-restrictions. 

Marissa told Fabulous Digital that she'd had since last year health problems, and Covid had made it even harder to see her family as she recovered.

She said: "I've been in and out of hospital from August 2019 up to this year.

"I had a stroke in August last year and other procedures needed to be done after that.

"Then Covid happened this year and with travel restrictions and a minimum number of people that can come over to our home at any one time, I thought to print pictures of our family members so that we could feel that they are with us always.

"Family is very important to me."

It took her just under a week to decorate the tree, saying: "It took me about 5 days and about 1.5 hours per day to cut the pictures and the 2 cardboard papers which it stuck behind the pics.

"Plus I bought a few rolls of gold ribbon to use to hang the pics."

Hundreds of parents praised her idea, as people debated setting up their own Covid Christmas tree. 

One person said: “Lots of work to achieve that! A lovely way to acknowledge your family members.” 

Someone else wrote: “Absolutely beautiful… and I think it definitely embraces the spirit of Christmas.. Family.”

While a third commented: “Omg I love this idea, thanx for sharing [sic[.” 

And this person added: “We should have another tree in the house like this.” 

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