Mum-of-two Mrs Hinch shows off her mum-tum and stretchmarks, encouraging fans to ‘be completely yourself’ | The Sun

MRS Hinch is best known for her cleaning hack, but has been praised for sharing a very moving video today about accepting herself.

The cleanfluencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, showed off her “mum-tum” and stretchmarks in a clip that encouraged women to “never be ashamed” of themselves.

The mum-of-two, 32, from Essex, told her 4.5million followers: “You need to fight your mind everytime it tries to convince you you aren’t good enough.

“Never be ashamed of the things that you are, your uniqueness, your quirkiness.

“Be so completely yourself, that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too.

“Because owning your life story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”

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During the clip, she showed her own body’s bruises, scars, stretchmarks and tummy.

Her bruises are caused by her suffering from a condition called Protein S deficiency and Factor V Leiden.

As a result, she is more likely to develop blood clots and must take blood thinning medication every day.

Many people were quick to praise her for sharing the down-to-earth video.

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Her husband Jamie wrote: “I am SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!”

Meanwhile, Love Island’s Molly-Mae said: “You are amazing” and Faye Winter added: “You’re incredible.”

Her close pal Stacey Solomon added: “Love you.”

And many of her fans also chimed in, with one saying: “This is the best post ever. I / we all struggle with confidence in all shapes and forms.”

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Another added: “This will resonate with so many other beautiful women.”

Sophie previously revealed she was bullied at school and dropped out of the sixth form.

And she has struggled to come to terms with how quickly life changed when she went from anonymous housewife from Maldon, Essex, to global “cleanfluencer”, amassing nearly four million followers in just two years.

Never be ashamed of the things that you are, your uniqueness, your quirkiness

But as well as the trolling, longstanding insecurities over her appearance have worsened with life in the spotlight.

In her bestselling memoir This Is Me, she writes: “These people have almost destroyed me and the fact that I am on medication for depression and anxiety for the first time in my life is largely down to what they have put me through.”

Sophie says she has been pushed to the limit by relentless internet bullies, who attack her looks and lifestyle, picking apart everything she posts.

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Sophie, who is mum to Ronnie, three, and Lennie, one, suffered complications from the weight-loss surgery she underwent in her early twenties.

She praised husband Jamie’s love for helping her overcome some of the body anxieties that have plagued her since a teenager.

She writes: “He’s a brilliant emotional support for me. He is my wingman in what has become an absolute machine and I need him now more than ever.”

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