Mum stunned as she falls pregnant with sixth child as she was going through menopause

A MUM was stunned to be told she was pregnant with her sixth child ­— as she was going through the menopause.

Ryan Renee France, 41, was told by doctors that she wouldn’t be able to have any more kids after her fifth child.

The nurse, married to Kenny, 52, said: “I took a test and was so confused.

“It wasn’t planned so I was really shocked.”

Kenny had been booked in for a vasectomy after the couple decided they did not want any more children, but this was cancelled due to Covid.

Ryan has three older children; Marrissa, 20, Myriam, 18 and Mario, 16, from her first marriage and a 12-year-old called Isabella from a long term relationship, as well as Denny-Ray who is Ryan and Kenny's first child.

In April 2020 Ryan became ill and suspected there was something wrong, positive pregnancy tests and scans confirmed that she was pregnant with her sixth child.

Doctors couldn't believe that it was positive and called her in for more tests as Ryan had been through the menopause.

She said: “I had a lot of emotional and mental issues with this pregnancy because I wasn’t prepared for it.

“As a nurse, I’d hear about other women who had babies during the menopause and I couldn’t believe it. I definitely didn’t expect it to happen to me."

Ryan, of Mount Washington, Kentucky, US, gave birth to baby Thomas in January 2021 after what had been a difficulty journey for the shocked mum.

With the arrival of baby Thomas, Ryan's mother has become grandmother to her 14th grandchild.

Ryan added: “It has been an incredible journey and Thomas is definitely our little miracle baby who has completed our family in the best way.”

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