Mum totally divides opinion with kids' packed school lunches as other parents argue it’s either 'realistic' or unhealthy | The Sun

A MUM has totally divided opinion after revealing the packed lunches she'd made for her two kids for school.

The woman took to TikTok to share a video of herself preparing the meals for her nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son.

"Come and pack my kids’ dinner with me," she said.

"They’ve both decided they want packed lunches every day apart from a Friday.

"So let's pack ‘em."

She made both children a sandwich using white bread and "Minion meat", putting it into the plastic box.

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She then moved onto the dessert portion of the meal, giving her "daughter three yoghurts" and her "son, two".

Her son had an orange drink in the bottle that came with the box, while her daughter had a blackcurrant one in another bottle.

"My son has requested two of these little Dreemy bars, and my daughter has asked for one of these Penguin bars," she said of the chocolate bars she was adding.

"So there we go, that’s what they’re having."

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Comments on the video were hugely divided, with some praising the mum for sharing a realistic view of packed lunch preparation.

"This is probably the most realistic pack lunch I’ve seen," one wrote.

"People need to understand that they are her children they are eating and that's all that matters it's not unhealthy or minimal it's a decent meal," another added.

While someone else commented: "I love how nice and simple the lunch is.

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"Sick of parents going overboard with fancy lunches."

And another added: "I like the way that you can be sure that your kids will actually eat all of their lunch, as they choose it.

"No point giving something they don't like."

However, others insisted that the lunch wasn't healthy enough for the kids.

"Thank god my mum actually knew how to feed me," one wrote.

While another added: "No fruit or veg?"

As someone else asked: "Where's the nutrition?"

"Do the school allow this?" another person questioned.

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"We wouldn't at mine, yogurts are just sugar, one is enough.

"No drink apart from water or actual juice."

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