My body looks better from the front – it's a different story when I turn to the side, but I don't let it get me down | The Sun

A NATURAL woman sought to remind her followers what an untouched, healthy body looked like.

While from some angles she looks thin and toned, from others she has rolls and curves.

TikToker Rosie Breen (@rosiebreenx) feels confident in her own skin, announcing that she’s “growing and glowing.”

In a world of retouched photos, she wanted to remind her followers that not everyone has the perfect figure they flaunt.

“My body from the front vs the side,” she began in the clip.

Facing a mirror and wearing a fitted workout set, she looked thin and toned, with a flat belly and curved hips.


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When she turned to the side, however, that image changed.

Shaking her butt and smiling proudly, she revealed her belly rolls and buxom thighs.

Still, viewers applauded her honesty, with one calling her a “queen” and another echoing that she’s “gorgeous from every angle.”

Rosie followed up the clip with another genuine portrayal.

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“Just want to remind you guys that this is my body when I am regularly exercising, consistently working out and eating well.

“This is what I look like.”

Posing in a pink crop top and form-fitting biker shorts, all her curves and edges were on display.

To take things further, she lowered her shorts and revealed her fuller stomach – rolls and jiggles on display.  

“Real bodies,” she captioned it.

The clip was enough to inspire gratitude from viewers.

“Yes! Healthy doesn’t automatically equal a flat stomach. It equals HEALTH,” one person praised.

“Need more people like this,” a second hoped.

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