My boo said my dress was ‘showing too much’ – I wore it anyway because it’s my body and I feel good | The Sun

A WOMAN has gotten her groove on while declaring ownership over her body and having the final say in what she wears.

The sassy lady says that despite her beau's complaints about her revealing dress, she feels great and plans on rocking it.

In a video where she stood looking off to the side, Emily Del Vallee (@emilydelvallee) revealed a concern her boyfriend shared with her about her garment of choice.

She wore a black dress with a super high slit that showed off both of her toned legs.

A large U-shaped stomach cutout perfectly displayed her washboard abs.

Her slicked-back dark hair and red lipstick added to the elegant look, with dangling black earrings.

"When he says that dress is showing too much," she wrote.

She shrugged, before freely twerking while throwing an arm in the air.

"Me wearing it anyways because it's my body and I feel good," she asserted.

She turned back around and swiftly kicked out her leg before voguing with her arms.

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"Sorry boo #mybodymychoice," she added in her caption.

People who were feeling the woman's dress and appearance were quick to let her know in the comments section of the clip.

"Girl that dress is fire, they need to take a seat!" one person gushed.

"This reminds me of a tango dress, I love it I want," a second person said.

"Wow, you look amazing, and no you are not showing much at all. I wish I could wear it!!!! Ok, where did you buy it? Maybe I can lose weight to fit it hahaha," another joked.

"And ya look good too," a fourth said.

"Girl if I looked that good, I’d be wearing it REGARDLESS," an additional TikTok user commented.

One woman shared that her own boo would actually appreciate it if she wore a dress like the one Emily sported.

"What! My boyfriend would love for me to dress like this, but I need the confidence first! It's hard after two kids, a hysterectomy, and IBS,"they revealed.

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Another person shared a humorous story.

"I know someone that wore something like that and her boyfriend said it’s too showing so she went out in a bikini," they wrote with laughing emojis.

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