My daughter got dress-coded at school – I think the rules are sexist, but some agree we should follow them | The Sun

A MOTHER has revealed that her daughter was dress-coded at school for wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans.

The TikTok user said her daughter was showing less than an inch of skin, and she urged schools to shift their focus to more pressing matters.

In the TikTok, she began: “My daughter got dress-coded at school today. For this.”

Her daughter then presented her outfit, spinning around to show the front and back so viewers would get the full effect.

The young girl looked completely appropriate. She wore a white short-sleeve T-shirt, baggy jeans with a sweater tied around her waist, and blue Converse sneakers.

The mother was clearly fed up with the school’s policies.

“Dress codes are outdated, sexist, and send the wrong message to kids,” she said.

“Stop teaching children that covering up is more important than learning.”

She drove the point home in her caption: “If schools would pay their educators their worth, we wouldn’t have low lives crawling the schools looking for a reason to disrupt kids’ days.”

When a viewer commented to ask what the violation was, the mother said that when she removed the sweater, a small portion of her midriff was showing.

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She added: “If you’re worried about .3 centimeters of skin –that’s a you problem and not a her problem. Yes, I ok’d this outfit before she went to school.

“I applaud [my daughter] and encourage her to embrace her individual style, wear what she feels good in, and stand up for what she believes in.”

Some TikTok users had her back.

“She’s covered and looks just fine,” one person wrote.  

“My school gave up on dress codes, and as soon as they did that they had more people showing up and higher test scores,” added a second.

Others, however, blamed the mother and agreed with the disciplinarians.

“What I find funny is that you know the dress code from day one. It’s simple to follow and yet you have to press the line anyway,” one person said.

“It’s our job as parents to know the rules of our kid’s school. We should also be teaching them to follow the rules, even if we don’t like them,” chimed another.

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