My homemade weed killer is super cheap – it’s Dawn dish soap and two other ingredients, no harsh chemicals | The Sun

A DIY influencer has shared her secret for a weed-free garden that is toxin-free.

You will find no harmful chemicals in her weed killer recipe, which contains Dawn dish soap – she has sworn by it.

Even better, it contains three super cheap household store cupboard essentials.

“Homemade weed killer," announced Jenny (@jennifer.cline) in her post.

But her concoction was a far more natural one.

This lady already has a following of over 311,000 on her TikTok, where she shares her tips and reviews on "projects, DIY, and new tools."

Her weed-killer recipe was the latest.

Wearing her usual denim dungarees, her had was piled up on top of her head and she wore safety glasses.

On the workbench in front of her were all the ingredients and tools she was going to need.

These were: “One tablespoon Dawn. One cup salt. One gallon white vinegar."

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These were all mixed together and then put into a larger contain ready to attack those garden pests.

“Wait for a sunny day and spray those weeds," she said.

Jennifer promised the results would be seen in a very short time.

“Five hours later look at the difference," she wrote.

Many people in the comments section agreed it worked a treat.

“My hubby did this and it was incredible and has worked just fine," said this person.

Another had a suggestion for making it last even longer: “I switched up the ingredients because it wasn’t lasting long enough. If you simply add two cups of salt you get a full eight weeks.”

Further evidence of its efficiency came from this person: “I used this for poison ivy and it killed it.”

Finally, pet lovers might be reassured by this commenter's experience: “This has worked for me several times and I’m happy with it and my dogs are safe," they said.

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