My husband gave our son his most expensive Christmas present early – I’m furious & saved for months to buy it

AS PARENTS, we love seeing our children's faces as they open their Christmas gifts.

But one mum was left disappointed after her husband gave their son his most expensive present early without her evening knowing.

The mum, who posted anonymously to Mumsnet, said she needed to have a moan about her husband as he was ruining her plans.

She went on to jokingly say that if someone called her husband a pig that it would cheer her up after what he had done.

The mum said she had been saving her pennies for months and had spent the same amount of time looking for the perfect gifts for their son which he would love and appreciate.

She said their son was two-years-old and finally understood Christmas and that he would get presents this year.

The mum said she bought four presents in total, but that each one was thought out and special.

She said: " I just wanted to make it a lovely memory for him and us, the only problem is my husband."

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She said how a week or two ago she had left their son in the care of her husband for a few hours as she had a hospital appointment for her pregnancy.

When she came back from her appointment, she was horrified to see her husband had found a hidden present for their son and had given it to him.

The mum said she was a bit annoyed about the present but wasn't too upset as it was just a bubble bath set and not the main present.

However, on the morning of writing the post on Mumsnet, the mum discovered her husband had given their son ANOTHER present without her knowledge, only this time, it was the most expensive gift she had bought him for Christmas.

She said he had given their son the present she was most excited to see his reaction for when he opened it on Christmas morning.

The mum added: "I've saved and shopped and planned everything to make this special and he keeps ruining it!

"I don't have a lot of money to keep replacing gifts at this rate my little one will have nothing left to open on Christmas Day."

Users who viewed the post, were taken aback by her husband's actions, many asked why he would do such a thing.

The mum responded in a later comment, saying how her husband often does stuff like this but wasn't intended to be nasty.

When she asked her husband why he gave their son the present, he said: " their son was crying when he had to leave for work so he had to do something to distract him.

"He also said that I can just box it back up he opened the box carefully and cause my son is only two he'll forget about it by the time Christmas comes around."

Users did not buy the husband's excuse, one wrote: "So basically he is too lazy to look after DS properly so he gave him the presents to shut him up. That's what it boils down to. Sounds like he can't be trusted with anything."

Another said: "He could have done anything… taken him to the park, shoved him in front of the TV, taken him to Tesco to buy sweets but he decides the best thing to do is go upstairs, dig around for the present and give it to him."

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