My husband said he would divorce me if I didn’t name our baby his full name – but it’s ‘awful’

A CONFLICTED wife has revealed how she and her husband are having a serious issue naming their first child. 

She said her husband is so set on the name that he threatened to divorce her if she didn’t go along with it. 

“I have always looked forward to naming a child or a pet one day and since my pets all came with names this will be my first time naming someone,” she wrote in an anonymous post to Reddit.

“I was so excited…until my husband insisted out of nowhere that we name our son his exact full name.

“First name, middle name one, middle name two, and of course the long hyphenated last name we now share plus ‘the fifth.’”

The woman, who is halfway through her pregnancy and does not know the baby’s gender, explained she isn’t “comfortable” with this name because she genuinely thinks it’s “awful.”

She even admitted her husband was embarrassed to tell her his full name when they began dating, so she’s not sure why he would want their potential son to feel the same shame. 

She also took issue with the fact that women did not get a say in naming the firstborn boy in her husband’s family for generations.

To make matters worse, she explained that her husband was originally on the same page as her with choosing a different name, so she feels “blindsided” by the argument they’re in. 

“He told me this was ‘non-negotiable’ and basically gave me a divorce ultimatum if I don’t go along with this and also insinuated that he doesn’t want to co-parent a child with me if it’s this hard before the birth,” the mother-to-be wrote.

“It’s just honestly not like my husband at all to act this way and I am so conflicted on what to do.

“I know that I am NOT going to be going along with this name but I am absolutely gutted at the thought of my husband leaving me,” she added.

It’s clear the wife never expected to be in such a heartbreaking situation, and the internet offered some messages of support and suggestions for her.

“So he wants nothing to do with his flesh and blood if he’s named something else??” one person wrote in disbelief.

“I definitely wouldn’t stay married to any man who essentially threatened to upend our entire lives and abandon his own child over a tradition that was discussed we’d have no part in,” a second person said.

“[Original poster] was lulled into a false sense of security with that one.”

One user suggested calling the husband by his full name and nothing else to see how he feels about it. 

Another person wondered if this sudden change of heart on the husband’s part could have to do with an inheritance issue the expecting mother is not aware of. 

Others urged the upset woman to sit her husband down and get to the bottom of what this is really about.   

As of this writing, the poster has not updated Reddit on the situation.

Naming a baby can be a difficult thing if not everyone is on the same page. 

This was proven true when a TikToker shared that her mother-in-law complained about her grandchild’s name as she was giving birth. 

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