My mother-in-law got a tattoo of my baby’s name days after he was born – I’ve now decided to change it, I’m terrified | The Sun

NAMING your baby can be tricky as it’s something they will most probably keep for the rest of their life. 

Which is why it’s important to be sure of the name before letting everyone know, as people may start to send gifts with the name on it. 

However, one mum found herself in a bit of a predicament. 

She is now facing a difficult decision of having to confront her mother in law now that she has decided to change her baby’s name – because the mother in law had already got it TATTOOED on her. 

"We have just had a baby two weeks ago, MIL immediately tattooed the baby boy's name on her arm," the woman wrote in her post on Mumsnet.

"However, we have since had a change of heart re the name… What a nightmare!

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"We didn't ask her to, or know she was doing it, it's obviously really sweet of her to do it so that's not the problem. It's more just now we don't want to call him that."

The woman says she feels "awful" and asks for advice on how to handle the situation.

She continued: “I'm really trying to talk myself into keeping the name, but it doesn't sit right.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: "It's really not your problem.” 

Another added: “It was entirely her decision and not something most people would do.

'I'm really trying to talk myself into keeping the name, but it doesn't sit right'

"You're entirely within your rights to change your mind, it's still very early days and you're only getting to know him."

While a third said: "No way would I keep a name I didn't actually want to use because someone had decided to tattoo it on their body. Use the name you like. She can have laser removal or a cover-up."

Then some other helpful suggestions included:

"Can you use that as the middle name so she can just add the 'new' first name to the front?"

And another said: "Just tell her. Then she can get 'Gary, previously known as Wayne' added."

And this person added: "Presumably your husband, her son, is on the same page with the name change? If so, his mum, his problem! Let him tell her."

The mum later added that while she can see the funny side of the situation, she does feel bad for her mother-in-law.

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She said: "The name absolutely doesn't work especially as my daughter pointed out it sounds like a certain body part that is less than ideal. 

"Even as a middle name isn't really an option but we would keep it for her I guess, just not as a first name."

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