My neighbour constantly tries to reserve ‘his’ parking space with random objects, it’s absolutely ridiculous | The Sun

A MAN has been left fuming after his neighbour tried to block off a public parking place with random objects.

He took to TikTok to share a video showing a traffic cone and some pot plants in the parking space, which is legally free for anyone to park in.

"Anyone else live near someone that thinks they can claim a public parking space as they own by using a traffic cone and some twigs in pots?" he wrote.

"Why do people do this? #selfishparking #badneighbours #badparking," he added in the caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "I’d thank them for reserving a parking spot for me.

"They can find their come and pot on the sidewalk."

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"Mine knocked on my door once to ask to move my car, cause he preferred that spot," another commented.

"I made it very clear that I'll park wherever I want and when I'e parked I wont move it unless I leave."

"They think just because they own the house they own the street too," a third wrote.

"Is there any parking for the houses in back?" someone else asked.

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"If not, and that space is in front of their house, law or not it would be polite to leave it for them."

"Sure, it would be polite," the man replied.

"But it’s downright rude to prevent others from parking there when they aren’t."

"Chill, they might be expecting a delivery, a skip or something," another comment read.

With the man responding: "For 2 years?"

"Is it right in front of their house?" someone else said.

"Why wouldn't you just let them have it? Wouldn't you want a spot in front of YOUR house?"

"I’d love a spot in front of mine, but it’s rarely free," the man commented.

"But that’s fine because someone else got there first. This just takes the mick."

In other videos on his page, he showed the other items his neighbour had used to try and block off the space – including a cardboard box.

And in a third clip, he wrote: "Part three of my neighbour ‘reserving’ his parking spot: Moving all the junk."

He then moved the traffic cone and plant pots and put them on the pavement, before showing the clear parking space.

"Today I tidied up his mess. I’m such a helpful neighbour," he added in the caption.

"some people are unbelievable," one person commented on that video.

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"It's a public road not a private parking space.

"Well played sir!"

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