My neighbour left me a rude note telling me not to park outside my own home, I'm fuming | The Sun

A WOMAN has expressed her anger after her neighbour left her a note asking her not to park in one of the communal parking spaces outside her own home.

Charlotte Gascoigne, who posts under the acronym @mummy_gascoigne, took to TikTok and shared a video of the note she found on her car.

It reads: "Hi, please can you not park up here as parking is for houses up here."

In the clip, Charlotte explains: "So I've just come to my car and seen this note, so yeah when I got home and there's absolutely no parking on all of my street, literally at the side of my house there's another four houses and eight parking space.

"It isn't private and it's literally for everyone who lives on this street – not for just the four houses, hence the eight parking spaces."

She went on to say how she wrote a polite note back which reads: "Hi I live at X and sorry but when there's no spaces on the street I have no choice – plus there's eight spaces and four houses, so plenty of space for us all."


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Charlotte concluded the clip by saying: "A little bit rude that because they could park outside my house and I wouldn't say 'oh this is just for guys.'"

"The parking is free for all. You could probably like in Torquay and come and park here if you wanted to.

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We're all part of the same community and housing and stuff."

The post has since gone viral and racked up an impressive 523,000 views and been inundated with comments – with very mixed responses.

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"You all pay Road tax. You can park wherever you like!!" wrote one.

"Unless the space is allocated to their property then they have no say I who parks there… but I suppose they did say please," commented a second.

A third penned: "Oh my god, why are people like this? You did so well to be so polite, I’d have been raging."

Meanwhile, another argued: "I don't think its rude, they put a smiley face and If they struggle to park at their property then all she did was ask politely."

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A further added: "I keep on seeing so many ppl getting these notes but the thing is is they be thinking they own the whole road."

And one more social media user noted: "If they have a good reason, i.e that they need that space for their car then I see no problem but if they can’t give you a good reason then fair game."

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