My toddler son is obsessed with my tattoos so I let him have some ‘fresh ink’ at my salon – he loves his new sleeve | The Sun

HER four-year-old takes full advantage of his mum being a tattoo artist.

So anytime Coleman wants some "fresh ink", he asks his mum to set up a session for him.

Korrin JB took to Instagram to share a Reel of the tattoo time, as she began: "My son asked for more tattoos so you know the drill."

She was then seen getting out her tattoo table, and disinfecting it before asking her little boy to "pick some flash".

After choosing which tattoos he wanted, Coleman spun round on a stool as he prepped for his inking.

"Just a little bit excited," Korrin said of her little boy.

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Then it was time for the tattoos, with Coleman enjoying a "wholesome" chat with his mum as she held a wet flannel on his arm to transfer the temporary designs across.

"I don’t think he’ll ever understand how much these little ‘tattoo sessions' mean to me," she added.

The Reel ended with Coleman showing off his "fresh ink", which took up the majority of his left arm.

"I might book in for my first ‘fresh ink’ sesh," one person commented on the video.

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"This is so cute – i love that you do this," another added.

"I am living for this. so wholesome," a third wrote.

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As someone else pleaded: "I look forward to these adorable vids! Never stop posting them!"

"That is so adorable. Those are some memories you’ll cherish forever," another commented.

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