Nifty hack means you'll never lose your TV remote again – and it costs less than a £1

There is nothing worst than realising you've misplaced your TV remote after settling in for the night only to find it days later in your handbag thinking it was your phone.

If that has happened to you, much like me, this NYC-based interiors lover has shared a nifty hack on TikTok so you never have to misplace your remote again.

Interior design author Will Taylor revealed that you only need three things to make losing your remote a thing of the past – and better yet, the whole process costs less than a pound.

The designer, who goes by @BrightBazaar on TikTok, shared in his video titled 'Never lose the TV remote again' that you will need a clothes peg bag, a metal hanging clip and a throw.

Showing how simple the hack is, Will first simply clipped the metal clip to some loose fabric on the side of his couch.

He then hung his clothes peg bag off the clip, but if you don't have one then you could try using a small canvas tote and a clip clothes hanger.

Will then suggested to "drop remotes/phone chargers etc. inside" the bag at the side before hiding it with a plush throw you already have.

The best part about this hack is that you probably have most of the items already – but if you're looking for a metal hanging clip, you can purchase a pack of 8 for £7.99 on Amazon which works out at 99p a clip.

Many of Will's followers were thrilled with the hack and commented in their droves that they couldn't wait to try it themselves.

One penned: "Love it and can't wait to try it".

"I spend half of my time looking for the remote.. so clever.," another wrote.

A third penned: "I was literally thinking of something like this recently".

"Great idea," a follower shared.

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