Parents pop their baby twins in the hot tub for fun afternoon… but the trolls are out in force | The Sun

A MUM found herself under fire when she posted a video of her adorable twins splashing around in their hot tub.

TikTok user Kate Hyman, aka @mumtwin8, shared how she had come up with the idea of letting her daughters have some afternoon fun in the water on a summer’s day. 

She uploaded a cute clip of the eight-month-old pair placed in rubber rings as they floated around in the hot tub.

Alongside the video, she wrote: “When the pool is too cold for the babies, buy a hot tub.” 

However, it soon attracted the attention of trolls, who flocked to the comment section to say that it wasn’t a good idea for her children to be in there.

One wrote: “Turn the bubbles off, it’s dangerous!” Another added: “Bacteria heaven, unless it’s fresh water.”

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While others said they would be worried that the temperature was too hot for the young kids. 

They wrote: “I swear babies can’t go in hot tubs?”

However, the mum-of-two immediately defended her decision by uploading another post that answered her critics, who she labelled “Karens”. 

The social media user shared another video – this time of the girls in the bath in their rubber rings.

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She wrote: “Twins survived the hot tub temperatures. Was perfect.”

Kate went on to say: “No chemicals as just filled, 10 minutes of pure fun.”

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Addressing the trolls directly, the Tik Tok fan said: “Love a Karen. Now I also use the floaties to bath them.

She also liked a comment that read: “People not understanding that you can choose the temp of the hot tub. They’re acting like you’re trying to slow cook your babies.”

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