Parents share the bank-themed name of their baby and get utterly rinsed | The Sun

IT'S not uncommon to name your children after something you love, like a particular flower or season.

But one couple took an unexpected route when picking a name for their newborn – but at least it matches with the rest of their kids.

The parents announced the birth of their son with a sign in their front garden which was then shared on social media.

Reddit users utterly rinsed the parents for choosing banking-themed names for all three of their kids.

The sign, a large stork, revealed the name of newborn Banks Butler.

Banks' big brothers' names are also included on the sign – Forbes and Ledger.


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The Reddit post reads: "When you want to be a Fortune 500 company CEO but all you have is a bunch of kids."

Fellow users slammed the couple's name choices too and thought they were "cringy and embarrassing."

One said: "What a damn weird theme for naming your kids. And none of them are even decent names on their own."

A second agreed: "Genuinely think I just threw up a little in my mouth reading this."

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"I’m guessing they posted a birth announcement on LinkedIn," another joked.

"The person making these signs is probably like these people probably hate their kids," one wrote.

Meanwhile, other users theorised what they could call any future kids.

"They're saving the best name for a daughter, Bankruptceigh,"one said.

And someone else said: "Maybe Cash will be the next sibling! Along with Koch, Equity, Fortune, Merger, and Merrill Lynch."

"The dog's name is Crypto," another joked.

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