People always say my daughter is too old to breastfeed but she's only three – I don't see the issue | The Sun

SHE'S constantly faced with criticism that her daughter is too old to breastfeed – despite being just three years old.

But Morgan has hit back at trolls, insisting the average age for a child to stop is actually closer to four or five in the US.

She was responding to one person who had commented "she's too old to nurse" on one of her previous TikTok videos, but a quick look at the comments section showed that it wasn't the only negative remark she'd received.

"Ok nursing is not gross it a beautiful natural thing BUUUUUUUT when they can order food for themselves, let them!" one wrote.

"Comes to a point when it’s not for her benefit anymore it’s for you!" another added.

"Omg that’s not right," a third commented.

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While others insisted Morgan's daughter looked a lot older than three.

"Dude…the girl will be a teenager next week though…" one wrote.

"She looks 7-9," another added.

"When is she graduating?" someone else asked.

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While another comment read: "My god, what grade is she in?"

"Oh she’s only 3?!" someone else wrote.

"In this video she looks 9, I was shocked!!! 3 is totally normal idk what everyone is going on about."

In another video, Morgan explained that she's continued to nurse her daughter for health benefits for both the child and herself.

"In reality, breastfeeding never loses it benefits for mum or baby," she explained.

"Breast milk has everything that a baby needs. It also helps you fight off sicknesses.

"If Aspen were to latch on me right now and she were sick, then my body would turn my milk into the perfect medicine for her to help her heal faster.

"Breastfeeding babies is known to make them smarter and it's literally everywhere you go.

"If I'm at the store I don't have to sit there and make a bottle – I can just whip out a t*ty while I'm there."

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"At this point just pump and put it in a sippy cup," someone commented on that video.

"Key word baby that looks like a pre teen," another sighed.

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