People are only just realizing the way restaurant servers want customers to leave their tables – but some are outraged | The Sun

PROPER etiquette is always important, especially when eating at a restaurant.

Sometimes at an end of a meal, customers like to help out their servers by organizing their plates so it’s easier to clear off the table.

However, some servers have revealed that customers can make a simple mistake that actually makes cleaning the table much harder.

TikToker Courtney Mae shared a video to respond to a comment asking servers to give a tutorial on how to properly stack dishes at the end of a meal.

The video shows a person scraping off leftover food onto one place and stacking the other places underneath it.

The utensils were then placed on the top plate while bowls and other small plates were also stacked.

“My preference of stacking for easy clean up. Had training going on so perfect timing! Of course, this is all my opinion and preference. Cups you do not stack together to avoid suction and getting stuck,” said Courtney.

“Some people prefer stacking, some don’t. All depends on the person.”

The video received more than 1,000 comments from users who shared their opinions.

“I already do that and people think I’m crazy,” wrote one person. “Why not make someone’s job easier if you can?”

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Another added: “I was a server and I didn’t care if anybody did this. If you did, okay. If you didn’t, okay too.”

“Doesn’t always have to be this well done, but an effort is always appreciated,” said a third person.

However, other users disagreed and said they don’t enjoy cleaning up their tables.

“I believe part of the enjoyment of eating out is not having to do anything, especially scraping plates,” said one person. “I have been a server and still believe this!”

“Up next: taking the plates into the kitchen and rinsing them off before you leave,” joked someone else.

Despite the debate, many users felt the practice was common courtesy and said they would continue to do it when they went out.

“Never been a [server]. But I was taught this as it was respectful to the one serving you,” claimed a user.

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