People are turning Ikea's affordable Kallax units into their dream beds, desks and posh cabinets

FURNITURE can cost a bomb and if you've recently moved house or changed the layout of a room, you might find yourself in desperate need of a new bed, seat or cabinet.

But rather than shelling out on something brand new, there are numerous ways to make an old bit of furniture – like Ikea's Kallax shelves – into something new.

The Kallax shelving units are one of the Swedish furniture company's most popular storage options and come in different sizes, with the smallest starting at 42x42cm and costing just £15.

Here are the simple and affordable ways people have turned the cube units into exciting new pieces of furniture…


Inventive DIY fans have used the shelving units as a bed for a base.

Not only does this innovative hack mean you will save loads of money on a bed frame, it also allows for tonnes of storage space.

Posting photos of the process on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the DIY fan behind this clever bedroom makeover wrote: "For those struggling for storage in a small room, IKEA bed hack is AMAZING.

"The mattress doesn't slide about or off. I have a single kallax unit the window side so I can get on and off."


With the addition of hinger doors, legs and some stylish handles, a Kallax unit can be turned into a stunning cabinet,

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The owner of this cabinet coated the original unit in a lick of black paint and used some leftover wood from another project to make the door.

Alternatively others have opted to give the shelves an expensive looking makeover, painting the vertical slats black and covering the horizontal ones with self-adhesive vinyl film.


Perhaps one of the easiest Kallax hacks is to turn two 4×4 units into a desk simply by placing a piece of wood or MDF over the top.

The mastermind who built this desk wrote on DIY on a Budget: "Kallax hack desk with storage really please with it!"

The desk is the perfect addition to a home office or study, particularly if you add storage baskets like this person did.

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Another idea is to use the 2×4 units as a breakfast bar with the addition of a table top, some high stools and matching baskets.


Getting a brand new dolls' playhouse for the kids can cost up to £100, so savvy DIY fans are making their own out of Kallax units.

The smallest cubed storage spaces can be again separated into smaller rooms with shelf inserts.


The Kallax units are built for versatility, so if you're no longer in need of storage space but would really benefit from a chest of drawers, all you need to do is pop in some inserts.

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These can be bought from Ikea, B&Q and many other shops, while choosing your own handles gives the drawers an extra unique look.

For more inspirational home transformations, one woman revamps drab mirror using Wilko & eBay bargains and it looks incredible.

Elsewhere, a DIY fan gives kitchen a luxe makeover by covering grotty tiles with £10 B&Q wood stickers.

Plus this woman was quoted £1k to replace her "outdated" floor did it herself by painting tiles which were "ready for the bin" for £100.

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