People go wild after spotting the newest addition to the shelves at Tesco as they call it ‘absolutely ridiculous’ | The Sun

WITH Christmas done and dusted, most of us are starting to think about the new year and our January goals. 

But it seems supermarkets are jumping ahead to spring, as shoppers have started spotting EASTER EGGS on the shelves. 

TikTokker @shoegaze101 regularly shares entertaining videos with his 290 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator shared his shock at the fact his local Tesco had already put chocolate Easter treats on the shelves. 

“Do Tesco know what time of year it is?”

Below the video, she added: “And where are the cheap ones I can actually buy without feeling guilty?”


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During the five-second video, three shelves appear to be packed with different eggs, including those from Cadbury, Thorntons, Lindt, and Malteaser. 

The video attracted plenty of attention, gaining more than 25,000 likes and 461,000 views. 

In the comments, his followers agreed that it was too early for the chocolate treats to be on the shelves. 

One wrote: “It's ridiculous it's over 4 months away there's no need.”

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Another said: “And we wonder why life passes us by so quickly and not feel the season we are in each time…always living ahead of time not for today.”

A third added: “Too soon Tesco too soon.”

Others complained about the price of some eggs, with one adding: “Do Tesco know it's a ‘cost of living crisis’. Nine, FIFTEEN quid for a chocolate egg, likely just the egg at that.”

Some admitted to already buying the Easter-themed goods, with one commenting: “I’ve been eating crème eggs for about 2 weeks now.”

Another said: “I already bought (and ate) some easter eggs from Co-op.”

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