Peta Todd shares some thoughts from life in lockdown in her final column

AS lockdown is coming to some kind of an end, so is my time writing this column.

Don’t worry, I will still be writing down and voicing my ramblings in various forms, both here in the paper and in other exciting ventures.

Writing through coronavirus itself has been a strange one – documenting all the small things that have been happening slowly while it felt like there was no movement at all.

Like everybody else, I’ve been living through this huge event in our lives, and at times I’ve felt like I have had nothing to write because not much was happening when in fact everything was changing.

You guys were lucky at times to have not just got bullet points of who had annoyed me most in the house – although those are still available if you are desperate for sunny reading material.

Obviously I won’t appear on the chart, as I didn’t annoy anybody, not even fleetingly.

I won’t lie, despite worrying every week whether anyone was going to read what I had written, week in week out I have been met with messages from people about my musings.

Sometimes writing this has been what’s got me through a rough patch and served almost as a therapy for me to talk about times I have felt the most alone.

Being able to use my voice to tell others they are not the odd one out, whether that be in parenthood or health-wise, has been a privilege.

I still am bowled over by the number of women and their partners who contact me with questions and worries regarding the side effects of contraception, and it has felt good to shed some light on these issues.

My not-so-little family has featured heavily among my ditties of rude supermarket checkout staff and meltdowns mid-airport and losing my style and identity, post-babies.

Some of my less than finer moments are immortalised in columns that I am sure I will look back on and laugh about in times to come.

On occasion there has been the odd delightful person on social media or in website comments (dangerous places) who has said: “Who is she to tell us . . .  blah blah blah.”

But those comments have always made me chuckle as I am fully aware I am making this parenting thing up – this whole adulting thing, if I’m completely honest – and these words were only ever my take on life. I don’t judge – unless you put chocolate in the fridge – and I am far from perfect.

But the interest, support and care I have found from the gang that read this column has been a flippin’ delight.

I have enjoyed knowing I could share my big things here – ups or downs.

I have sometimes been more open and honest in these Peta Todd’s Mum Squad spaces than with my own friends.

So thank you and see you soon – whether you like it or not.

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