Pluz-size women living their best thick girl summer flaunt bikinis on beach

A group of best friends are encouraging women to have a “thick girl summer” and not feel self-conscious while at the beach no matter what the “haters” say.

Ayesha Perry Iqbal is a body-positivity and fashion creator on social media who says it is important for everyone to be “stylish at any size”.

In a recent video on TikTok, Ayesha showed herself wearing a pink patterned bikini while dancing and posing alongside two friends at the beach.

One of her friends can be seen wearing a teal green bikini while the other is wearing a blue floral set, and both women can be seen holding onto Ayesha in the video while flicking their hair.

In the text on the video, Ayesha wrote: This is your sign to grab your girls, put on your bikinis and have your best thick girl summer.”

In the comment section of the video, people praised all three women for their confidence.

One person wrote: “Thank you, ladies, I’m loving your look!” while another user said: “All three of you are absolutely beautiful.”

A third comment said: “All three are dimes in my book” while one amazed man wrote: “I just saw heaven and saw three angles”.

Despite the positivity, Ayesha has also received backlash for her bikini videos online.

She responded in a video to one user who commented that the fashionista needed to “lose weight” as she “doesn’t look nice”.

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Ayesha showed the comment while continuing to show off her bikini, and can be seen giggling and amused by the user’s commentary.

She said in the caption of the video: “Hater’s [going to hate] I guess? Your body is beautiful no matter what your size or weight ladies.”

Ayesha’s comment section was quick to defend her as well, with one comment stating: “I just love your look, please ignore the haters, you don’t need to lose weight. Believe me, you’re marvellous!”

Somebody else said: “Now this is true self-love when you embrace the body God gave you. I hope to someday have your confidence girl!”

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