Prince Harry could've given me a heads up he was going to put our romp in his book, Sasha Walpole tells Piers Morgan | The Sun

SASHA Walpole says she wishes Prince Harry gave her a heads up that he was going to write about their romp in his book.

The Sun exclusively revealed the 40-year-old was the "older" woman who took Harry's virginity in a grassy field behind a busy pub.

Sasha said the pair had a passionate five-minute romp while the royal’s security searched for him in a blue Ford Fiesta.

The duo never spoke again and their moment remained a secret – until the Duke dropped the bomb in his memoir Spare.

Sasha has now said she wished he had at least given her warning – especially after having to fess up to her dad, too.

Speaking to Piers Morgan, in an interview which will air on TalkTV tonight, Sasha opened up about her decision to speak out.

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Sasha Walpole reveals why she has lifted lid on romp with Prince Harry

In a sneak peek, she said: “People are asking family and friends, 'Oh yeah, we know who it is' and then suddenly it's just the reality of this isn't going to go away.

"Forever this is going to flare up until they know who it is, they're going to be questioning people and yes I could not have said anything but then it's never going to stop… this is a means to an end.”

Piers then asked: "Do you think he should've had the manners honestly to just let you know?”

To which Sasha replied: “He could've given me a heads up of 'I'm gonna put it in the book'.”

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Harry, who at 38 is just two years younger, sparked the worldwide guessing game after his memoir Spare disclosed that he had first had sex with an older lover.

He wrote that he was aged 17.

But Sasha set the record straight, telling The Sun: “I am the woman who took Harry’s virginity. It was ­literally wham-bam between two friends. The sex was passionate and sparky because we shouldn’t have been doing it.

“One thing just quickly led to another. We ended up on the floor.”

The one-off encounter took place in a meadow behind the car park of the historic Vine Tree Inn in Norton, Wiltshire, in July 2001.

At the time Harry was just 16 — a year younger than his autobiography claims.

Harry and Sasha, who now works as a digger driver, knew each other from when she worked as a stable girl at Highgrove, the country retreat of King Charles, and previously enjoyed trips to polo matches together.

The pair had sex after downing shots and leaving a party held at the pub to mark Sasha’s 19th birthday.

The mum-of-two has now also revealed she lifted the lid on her secret after 21 years as it became a "ticking timebomb".

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