Princess Beatrice's Diamond Engagement Ring Follows Every Royal Tradition

Princess Beatrice’s Diamond Engagement Ring Follows Every Royal Tradition

Princess Beatrice has everyone excited for another royal wedding. We might have to wait until next year to see the dress, shoes, and flowers, but her gorgeous engagement ring is on show right now, and as well as looking just as fabulous as the bride-to-be, it’s also ticking a lot of royal wedding boxes already.

Beatrice’s engagement ring, photographed so beautifully by her younger sister, Princess Eugenie, actually follows a well-worn royal tradition. The sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana and later Kate Middleton might be the most famous royal engagement ring of them all, but when it comes to saying “I do,” diamonds are a regal bride’s best friend.

Most royal women pick an all-diamond creation to mark their engagement. Some choose gigantic stones, others go for one-off designs, but most princesses choose to mark their first steps to marriage with a ring starring nothing else but diamonds. From queens to princesses, heirs to the throne, and very modern monarchs, here are the royal women who set the tradition that Princess Beatrice is now following with her all-diamond engagement ring.

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