Princess Sofia channels Kate in iconic red outfit and headband

Princess Sofia of Sweden wore a statement dress which she combined with matching red heels, a clutch bag and a stylish headband.

Princess Sofia chose the Adele Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Red from Swedish fashion brand Lilli Jahilo to welcome Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

She combined the midi gown with a pair of Daniele Tortora red suede pumps and a mini clutch bag from Bottega Veneta.

A chic red headband finished the royal’s look which was very similar to one of the Princess of Wales’s most iconic looks.

Kate also wore a red dress and a matching headband for the Australia and New Zealand royal tour back in 2014.

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The Princess of Wales arrived at Wellington airport, in New Zealand, for a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand with Prince Willian, wearing a very stylish red outfit.

This was the couple’s first official trip overseas with their first son, Prince George.

Kate donned a red coat with black buttons from Catherine Walker and a matching hat by designer Gina Foster.

Back then, the royal would often wear headbands for public appearances, an item she may have to ditch now as her role as monarch approaches.

Fashion expert Miranda Holder explained the Princess of Wales used to be “quite partial to a luxe headband, or a ‘hatband’, for formal occasions”.

She commented “Kate used to be a fan of headbands”, but now she may have to opt for the “more traditional hat” as a better option for formal occasions.

As the Princess of Wales takes one step closer to her future role as Queen Consort after Queen Elizabeth’s death, “it is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position,” Miranda explained.

Princess Sofia, however, has more freedom in terms of clothing and she likes to wear headbands which are “a less formal, prettier alternative to wearing a hat”.

Royal fans took to social media to praise the royal’s style with Instagram user @lente_tine commenting the Swedish Princess is so “classy”.

Another one, @luxmeagainpreloved, said: “Love the head-to-toe red! It’s bold and Sofia looks amazing.

“All the ladies look fantastic in their monochrome outfits today.”

“She is really beautiful!” said @nancytrautman while royal watcher @_iane_ commented: “This is a beautiful dress and it suits her well.”

Miranda explained that adding a headband to an outfit is also a well-known fashion trick.

It works by “strategically ‘adding volume’ either by literally using bulkier clothing or accessories or by adding embellishments which naturally draw the eye”.

“This is a common trick used by stylists all over the world to help their clients look their best,” the fashion expert revealed.

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