Pro-gardener posts savage moment neighbour attacks him when he’s doing his job but his reaction gets people talking | The Sun

A MAN has shared the hilarious moment he was attacked by a neighbour while doing his job as a professional gardener. 

Nathan, who works on lawns and gardens, had set up his camera to film himself using a leaf blower on a client’s astroturf when the incident occurred. 

Taking to his social media to share the clip, he told viewers: “Alright legends, you’re not going to miss this one… 

“Around the 37 second mark something happens that doesn’t normally happen to me.” 

As he spoke over the video, he could be seen dressed in a navy hoodie with cargo trousers and boots as he used the leaf blower to manoeuvre the debris on the turf to one side. 

Calling it “just another day in the office”, he went on to describe what he was doing on the “fake” grass. 

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He continued: “In a few seconds here you’re going to see something that happens. I wasn’t very happy about it to be quite honest, here we go… You ready?” 

Viewers could then see a huge amount of water being dumped from above, which appeared to land right onto his head and back. 

In the clip, he then stopped what he was doing, put the leaf blower down and looked up. 

Viewers could then hear the neighbour appear to say: “I’m working,” to which he replied: “What are you doing?” 

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He then asked: “Are you serious?” before moving back towards the camera. 

“She was ANGRY with me! What would you have done?” TikTok user @nathanslawnsandgardens added in the caption, and people were quick to share their thoughts in response. 

One person said: “Your way too polite,” as another chimed: “Christ your a better person than I am.” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

And a third agreed: “You were too nice”. 

Another shared: “That’s terrible I’m sorry that that happened to you sir I would be mad too I hope you have a better day tomorrow”. 

A fifth posted: “When I tell you my jaw dropped. I did not expect that! The audacity”. 

While a sixth added: “Funny how she said “I’m working” like you aren’t also working,” alongside two crying with laughter emojis.

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