Professional head lice expert reveals how to banish nits for good & reveals her worst case took SEVEN hours

A PROFESSIONAL nit buster has revealed how to get rid of lice for good. 

Head lice experts have been taking over TikTok with their stomach-churning clips of the worst cases they ever dealt with. 

But Jade, aka The Yorkshire Nit Nurse, has revealed how she manages to keep on top of pesky lice. 

The trained and insured head lice guru, based in Yorkshire, started her business when the little critters found her pre-school aged son and to her horror, they found her too.

Getting on top of her son’s hair was manageable but doing her own, long thick hair was another story. 

She said: “I’d asked my hairdresser if she would mind combing through a head lice treatment on me in sections but, much to my embarrassment, she never got back to me. 

“It blew my mind that someone like me didn’t exist that you could call in and help you (most importantly with no judgement, as it’s incredibly normal despite it being so taboo) in your moment of crisis which we all as mums have or will soon encounter. 

“I successfully treated many friends and children successfully for a year or so and decided to do extensive research, training and create a brand at the beginning of 2020. 

“I offer home visits for Head Lice Screening and my ‘The Full Nitty Gritty’ treatment or for those further afield, they can visit my home clinic or have telephone advice and a postal DIY pack.”

Jade, The Yorkshire Nit Nurse, offers a 100 per cent guarantee of success and revealed she is yet to find an infestation that she cannot beat. 

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Now she has people visit her from London, Birmingham, Manchester and takes phone calls from all over the country. 

But it’s not always easy and nit expert Jade revealed one severe case which took her SEVEN hours just to be able to comb through the client’s hair.

She said: “My most unusual cases would definitely have to be a severe infestation on dreadlocks (it took 7 hours to just be able to get a brush through). 

“A school aged girl and her sisters had watched a TikTok video on home dreadlocks and had gotten her into a bit of a pickle – I combed out thousands and thousands of lice. 

“A recent case where what the lovely lady had thought was head lice, turned out to be carpet beetles that had managed to make their way into her hair from work. 

“I’ve treated a large family where they all had heavy infestations but mum sadly had Fibromyalgia and couldn’t stand and had no strength in her hands so couldn’t treat them and it had gotten out of control. 

“I have had so many sad and happy tears along the journey so far – everyone always has a story to tell, it’s such a wonderful and rewarding job, I often say I could write a book!” 

Nit expert Jade revealed that her customers are usually families who have been battling lice for years.

In her experience, this is because lice are generally caught first by a primary school aged child in the family and they eventually bounce from family member to family member. 

She explained that often when children catch head lice it can be tricky as they don’t always want to cooperate with mum or dad.

Jade’s top five tips for tackling a head lice infestation

Ensure everyone in the household is treated on the same day, with a reliable treatment.

Jade explained that some pharmacy treatments are small bottles and often don't have enough of the active ingredient required. She said that hair needs to be saturated to give it a good chance of working.

Ensure you are using an effective comb and combing methods.

Jade added that tackling lice is all about combining treatment and combing, not either in isolation!

Repeat the treatment as instructed.

The nit expert explained that just because you’ve treated lice once, it doesn’t mean it’s over as she added these ‘little guys are persistent.’

Isolation time for all your brushes, hair ties, hats, comforters etc.

She advised people to have their sheets washed ready for their first night after treatment.

Remember that it can be a really hard cycle to beat

She said it’s important to remind people that with dedication, thoroughness and commitment, they can always beat lice.

Jade added that this can keep lice going longer and the problem gets bigger, so having a stranger take over can be a great help for everyone. 

She said: “I’m pretty chatty too so everyone is comfortable! Other regular cases are mums and grandmas that have caught them in the crossfire and are struggling to treat themselves. 

“I would say the average length of an infestation on families I see is two years but I have had many that have had them for SEVEN years plus.

“In these cases, the adult lice are often very visible to the eye on the roots of the hair and can take hours to treat as the empty nits have covered so much of the hair it is usually so matted and knotted.”

Jade revealed it is highly unusual that in cases where lice have been going on for a while (and very often cases that haven’t been going on for a while), that mum or siblings don’t have them too. 

This is especially over the last couple of years as people have spent so much close contact time with families.

My most unusual cases would definitely have to be a severe infestation on dreadlocks (it took 7 hours to just be able to get a brush through). 

Nit expert Jade said: “It’s important to remember that head lice don’t jump, or fly, but they do crawl, pretty fast. All they need is a bridge. So, it’s not just head-to-head contact you need to be aware of but hair to hair contact.

“Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to stop head lice other than preventing them by once a week, taking a peek.

“If you have primary school aged children, I always suggest adding a conditioner comb through to your Sunday night bath routine and ensuring your children’s hair and even parents is tied back in a bun or a low ponytail. 

“Try to encourage them not to share hair brushes, hair bands and hats to lower the chances of an infestation.”

Jade added that there is nothing to be ashamed of if the time comes.

She said: “Head lice aren’t fussy, they don’t care whose hair they start a family on, if it’s warm and clean, then it’s a winner!

“If you need advice, treatment, or moral support – I’m here for you if you ever need me.”

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