Reception Delivers Imperfect Kitchen Wear for Spring/Summer 2021

Following on from the label’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Reception has now given a first look at its upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The new offering takes inspiration from a diverse mix of reference points, mixing the brand’s classic nod to food and restaurant culture with elements influenced by drugs, spiritual belief and power abuse.

A key reference point in this collection is kitchen wear, which is recalled through hand-painted checkerboard patterns and embroidered text such as “Home Cooked Poetry” and “Food For Thought.” All of the patterns used have been designed without perfectly straight lines or squares as Reception looks to celebrate human imperfection throughout the collection.

Other influences on the collection include the work of 1960’s author Ralph Ginzburg, while Reception has collaborated with artists such as Kogan, Jaide Lennox and Axel Pelletanche for the collection. The SS21 collection also features a rework of the brand’s “Holy Water” release from earlier this year, and a selection graphic pieces.

Take a first look at Reception’s SS21 collection in the gallery above.

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